A Completely See-Through Church in Belgium

They say that God sees all, and now all can see inside of his house. Well, at least inside of a fully see-through church in Belgium.

The artists who came up with this interesting idea are young Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh, collaborating under the name of Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

The project, called “Reading between the lines,” is a church located in Borgloon, Belgium, made out of horizontal plates stacked on top of each other in a manner that makes the whole object completely see-through.

It doesn’t represent a church in a classical way, since its function is not yet defined, but it is quite a visual experiment and a reflection on the potential artistic reuse of vacant churches in that area.

This is not the first church-related project that these two architects have worked on. They also made an upside-down dome inside of the St Michiel Church in Leuven.

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