A delicious Sims breakfast in real life

The strategic life-simulation computer game Sims was the main inspiration for French collective Paper Donuts’ “breakfast out of paper” photoshoot. The collective decided to use a girl as the Sims character to show what a Sims-breakfast would look like in real life.

They even put the well-known “green diamond” over her head to indicate that she is in a good mood.

The entire breakfast is made out of paper cut in a way that makes it look pixilated, and it does look very cool, but its taste is rather, shall we say, papery.

mm..sliced paper oranges and paper grapefruit juice.  The only thing this woman needs is her morning newspaper, which, in a twist of irony, is made out of plastic.

Paper eggs, strawberries and sausages, oh my! What will I tell the paper doctor when I have a heart attack?

This breakfast ends in the way ever breakfast should end.  With a giant candy bar, a cupcake, and a donut.  Anything that can be done to accelerate the need for gastric bypass surgery…that’s the idea.

yum..a giant hamburger filled to the brim. Somewhere, up in heaven, Dave Thomas is blushing.

I’ll take two packets of paper Sweet’N Low in my tea, thank you. Paper saccharin never tasted so good.

paper-burgers-and-fries-floatingMcDonald’s fries do begin to float when you let them sit for long periods of time. I’ve witnessed this phenomenon with my own eyes. It may have been because the fries were laced with acid, but that’s a story for another time.

A paper apple, and a knife with..blood on it? I imagine it’s jam, but some people do like their toast smothered in blood, and we should respect that.

Even though this fruit is made out of paper, it’s making me hungry. I might resolve to eat it.

This artist has made many other objects out of paper, including these realistic animal and nature sculptures.

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