A fun welcome-back-from-vacation office prank


After a vacation this guy named Leif came back to his office and found it completely different then it usually looks like. Nearly every object in his office was switched with the exact same things but only out of cardboard.

The people behind the prank was of course his work colleagues. The bookshelf, the bulletin boards, the computers, everything was transformed, even the chair was now a big piece of cardboard. The best part was when Leif’s office manager videotaped his reaction when he first saw the “new” office, check out the video here.

If you enjoyed reading about this prank you should check out the water prank that was done to shock these guys. Speaking of cardboard, this artist made a whole apartment out of only using carton and paper.

cardboard-telephone cardboard-office-chair cardboard-food cardboard-file-cabinet cardboard-desk cardboard-compiuter cardboard-bulletin-board cardboard-board

How the office looked like before:



  1. FYI, “exact same” is a redundancy. If things are the same, they are exactly alike. Otherwise, they are similar or very similar.

    You may be commended for your contribution to the “Dumbing down of America”, though.

  2. “Exact same” is an idiom and is perfectly acceptable in informal writing.

    Also, although I have not searched the entire web site, I see no indication that this blog post came from America.

    You may be commended for your contribution to the “superiority complex of the internet,” though.

    Then again, in the spirit of fairness, I should also be commended for mine.

  3. ….er

    You’re Fired ! If youve got time to do thia youre not working hard enough.

    Pick your P45 up at reception

  4. This is hillarious! Too bad the douche from Brasil went and tried to ruin it…. Pranks aren’t about being correct, they are about being FUNNY!

    Good show, I loved this!

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