A Look at The Post-September 11 World [Infographic]

Across the country we watched in horror as the towers collapsed. We listened in shock to the phone calls of the passengers on board the hijacked planes and wept as we heard them tell their families they loved them one last time. So much of that day will always be a mix of grief, sorrow, fear and anger. However, feelings of pride and unity rose from the flames. We read the heroic stories and watched with pride as ordinary citizens went above and beyond the call of duty to help their fellow Americans. As horrible as 9-11 was, it reminded many of us of what makes this country so great.

Now, ten years later there may be more than 10 million Daffodil flowers in the city, each paying tribute in glorious yellow, the color of remembrance. Neighborhoods that lost fathers and mothers, son and daughters can always remember.

Let’s go back ten years and see what happened on that day:

  1. There were 4 planes that were used for the attack
  2. There were 19 terrorists involved
  3. The three major attacks were on: World Trade Center, The Pentagon and Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania

According to the official figures released on September 2nd, 2002 the total number killed in attacks were 2,819. Out of those killed on this dreadful day 289 bodies were found intact and 19,858 body parts were found.

This infograhic produced by Reusethisbag.com revisits what happened and retraces the torturous path that brought us to the poignant point in history.

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