A musical tribute to This Blog Rules

We recently asked Youtuber extraordinaire Will Hyler to create a music video tribute to TBR in his trademark style. He was more than happy to oblige, and, like a true champeen, was willing to do it out of kindness rather than for pay, earning him a liftetime pass to TBR’s 2,000 acre theme park, set to open in July of 2012 deep in the heart of an undisclosed location.

Will has made quite the name for himself through his youtube channel, WillHundredPercent, and as a result, has been asked to do the special effects in videos for top-flight Youtubers like Shane Dawson and The Fine Bros. Mr. Hyler’s videos are considered by many to be ingenious gems, so if you have a moment, check them out and drop him a comment or two.

Do you fantasize about making video and/or musical tributes to This Blog Rules in the same vein as Will Hyler?  If so, consider turning that fantasy into reality by filming a video about us and posting it to Youtube or Vimeo.  Shoot us an email using our contact form after you do, and if your video shows true effort, we’ll be happy to feature it as a post and give you the maddest of props!  Oh, and you’ll receive a lifetime pass to our future theme park as well.


  1. hahaha brilliant!

    I love the bit about the distinction between the 2 deers in the art and street art section. Very funny

  2. I’m jealous. Why doesn’t toptenz.net have a cool song too. Nice job! This Blog Rules, does indeed rule!

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