A Non-Traditional Wedding

A couple who opted for a non-traditional wedding in the woods.

Thinking about tying the knot? How ’bout you make that knot as tough and impressive as the Gordian one of legend, by choosing a unique wedding that will surely bring you and your better-half closer together by virtue of the awesome memories you’ll have of the event.

And I do mean awesome in the true sense that the word had before everybody started using it so much it now has less of an impact than that embarrassing relative hitting on the bridesmaids, which in all honesty has no impact whatsoever, since you all expected it to happen when you planned your “traditional” wedding.

That’s probably what many couples have started thinking lately since you can hear of relatively more cases of them wanting to do something different and shy away from the tried and true path of logistical, financial and not to mention psychological hell that a traditional wedding almost invariably tends to involve. Seeing how it’s designed to make everybody happy except the bride and groom.

Plus, as Herbert Swope said: “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: try to please everybody.” And, as an editor and journalist at the New York World paper, he should know since he’s heard a few things, right?

Not having to please everyone is the main point behind a non-traditional wedding.

So, how about you at least take into consideration a non-traditional wedding, see if it would be more to your liking and then start thinking if maybe your family, friends and relatives might not be interested to go along for the ride as well?

The changes you can make for your wedding as opposed to a traditional one can range from small ones like what to put (or NOT to put) on the table, to the wedding vows, to the location (as mentioned earlier), to having a minimalist to the extreme wedding (read groom and bride) if that’s what makes you happy. Sky’s the limit and you are the bosses.

An example of a relatively small change? As a woman, you’re a Trekkie in real-life but not that die hard as to “upset” people on this most important day? Nonsense. It’s YOUR most important day. So if you wanna dress up like a Vulcan on your wedding day (complete with ears), and shun the traditional white dress, go for it.

In Not having to please everyone is the main point behind a non-traditional wedding you can do whatever you want.

Are you two love-birds also endowed with a great sense of humor and believe it to be one of the most important things in the world? Great. Write your wedding vows accordingly and skip the sweet non-provocative versions that usually come up. Spice things up to your taste.

Do you feel like you just want a more intimate, less hectic wedding because you’re both sort of reclusive people? Why put yourselves through the ordeal of socializing with a group of people consisting of 80% acquaintances and relatives you’ve seen once before in your lives and the other 20% (max!) family and friends.

Why not choose to have the wedding with just the family and friends. Or just one of these groups if the other bothered you in some way (although, granted it would have to be a serious boo boo made by a friend or a close family member to warrant you not wanting to spend time with them).

You and your partner are the most important thing in Not having to please everyone is the main point behind a non-traditional wedding.

Or, in the extreme, if you feel like you don’t want absolutely anyone around you on that day, go have a wedding revolving around just the two of you. As your whole life will anyway. And as a couple did when they decided completely on a whim to just go exploring isolated Iceland until they’d find the right spot to get married which they would know when they saw. They went all over the place, taking their time and visiting, until they found a ruined church that was the only thing left (partially) standing after a lava flow from a past eruption. That was it. Perfect for them. So they exchanged rings, said their vows and married there. All alone.

Because that’s what THEY wanted and only they will live and see if it was the right or wrong choice. What’s certain is that it sure was unique and special not only to those who heard about it, but most importantly… to them.

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