A This Blog Rules Fan Sign of the Highest Order

Well, here we have a TBR fan of the highest order! The fan sign you see here was created by a lovely young lady by the name of Heather. She needs your help to advance to the next round of the Captain Morgan Bracketmaster challenge in Las Vegas. It doesn’t cost anything for you to vote by text other than the normal charge from your cell phone provider. So text 44686 and help Heather out. For more information about helping Heather, visit Don Chavez.

If you’ve taken any pictures of yourself holding a TBR fan sign, by all means, send it in, and we’ll be happy to feature it on the blog. Scroll to the bottom of the blog to find our email address. You might also want to send in a video tribute to our humble blog–and I use the word humble loosely. Calling a blog ThisBlogRules doesn’t exactly scream humility does it. But in all seriousness, we love fan made tributes to this blog because without you guys, TBR wouldn’t exist at all. We need you all and value your feedback.

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