A Zombie Invasion Heatmap and More!

Zombie Invasion, a future reflecting

In this week’s around the web segment, we take a look at a zombie invasion heatmap–the perfect guide if you’re attempting to avoid death when the zombies come (and yes, they will come). We also visit a quintessential southern baby and examine pumpkins that know how to party. Check out our link finds below the jump:

A Zombie Invasion Heatmap via ZombieInvasion.co.tk

15 Pumpkins that Know How to Seriously Party via Virgin Mobile Live

The Perfect Pocket Mummy for Halloween via Albotas

The quintessential Southern Baby via My Bad Parent

As an aside, the hilarious book based on My Bad Parent is now in bookstores

A Clown who Took his Clothes off and Solicited a Trucker for Sex via Gunaxin

Debates, Dreams, and Dead Astronauts via Cracked Editor Adam Tod Brown

11 Surreally Comical old School MLB Posters via 11 Points

Haunted Parents Sex Tape via Booya Pictures

10 Signs Your Amish Teen is in Trouble via Agent Funny

Well, there you have them. Nine extraordinary links, courtesy your cousins at TBR.

By Cornelias “Steam Roll” Johnson, TBR Vice-Chancellor

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