Actress Mia Wasikowska Rules Our World

Actress Mia Wasikowska is somehow the new girl with the still look that enchanted us. Her roles are a combination of weirdness, mysteriousness and minimalism in acting skills, which we think is more challenging than it appears at first sight. This eerie-looking actress stole our heart from the beginning of her acting career. She is an Australian-Polish actress, and since we really like mixed origins that gives us a hint of cosmopolitan parents, we give her an up vote for this. Here are 5 of her roles in which she did a really great job. It was easy to choose since she’s a young actress.

1. Mia as the stubborn and intelligent daughter of the lesbian couple

actress mia wasikowska

In The Kids are all right, she delivered a great performance as Joni, an 18 years old adolescent and the daughter of a lesbian couple. Joni, along with her brother, was conceived through sperm donation. Now she really wants to know who her biologically father is and she is the one finding out who he was. She appears to be the rebel, but introvert type, questioning her mothers’ choices.. Her stillness is somehow her trademark. Even when she’s revolting against one of her mother’s wishes that she didn’t ride the motorcycle, she’s doing it with a very much appreciated lack of anger and she’s not losing control of her figure.

2. Mia as the suicidal rejected teen

actress mia wasikowska

In Maps to the Stars, Agatha is an atypical villain. She wants to be loved and to be re-accepted in a family she almost destroyed years ago with her burning-the-house-down episode. Looking weird with her face full of scars, she still seems interesting with her black gloves she wears all the time. They are intended to hide her scars, but actually give Mia an incredibly fashionable and minimalist look. Although not her best acting, Mia surprises us with a convincing display of her regret for what she did in the past. Also, she looks fierce when she renounces her good girl acting and smashes the face of Julianne Moore with a rock. Those eyes of her are full of demented gaze. Well done, Mia.

3. Mia as a dramatic governess

actress mia wasikowska

Actress Mia Wasikowska has one of her best acting roles in Jane Eyre, a 2011 movie novel adaptation. Not only that her stillness is fully present, but she somehow manages to raise emotions in her audience when she suffers in silence for the love of her employer. Her mushy eyes tell all there is to know about the complexity of Mia inner fights.

4. Mia as the blood craving cool girl-woman

actress mia wasikowska

Mia is India Stoker in Stoker (2013), a thriller about disturbing family secrets. Filmed with a focus on aesthetics and mysterious frameworks, Stoker is one of the weirdest acts of all of her career. She is also remarkably fashionable. The incestuous sexual tension between Mia and her uncle makes us uncomfortable. But we appreciate her cool blooded role. But that’s the catch; Mia’s complexity is here at its best: she’s cool, but she is also confused by her mixed emotions, falling between disgust and thrill when she realizes who her uncle really is.

5. Mia as a bureaucratic beauty

actress mia wasikowska

In the dystopian thriller The Double, Mia is the lonely beauty struggling to find love, but failing to do so. She is a clerk in a standardized world, in a standardized office, with standardized colleagues, working symbolically in a copy center. Her stillness acts as the perfect match for reflecting the apparent lack of individuality within a dehumanizing environment. Still, she has that much needed uncomfortable and emotional gaze with which actress Mia Wasikowska’s character rehabilitates herself, eventually finding love, against the odds.


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