All Tied Up: Stunning Artwork Made Entirely Out of Shoelaces

The surrealist works of Colombia-born artist Federico Uribe become even more surreal upon closer inspection, when you discover his creations consist of awe-inspiring assemblies of nothing other than pins and shoelaces. Uribe, who is based in Miami, is no stranger to thinking outside of the box: he has also created artworks consisting of screws, gardening tools, pencils and shoes, among many other household objects, throughout his art career.

To put it lightly, Uribe’s work is extraordinary, and his “Shoe Laces” collection is certainly no exception. In it, he creates startling, humorous and sometimes quite demented images of people with shoes for hands, with their innards exposed, and with the foot of a live chicken positioned between their teeth, all conveyed through just that trusty piece of string that keeps your shoes from slipping off your feet. Check out some of our favourite pieces below, and check out Uribe’s official site for more.

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