Amazing 3D Graffiti

There is a lot of fancy and impressive graffiti art out there, so much that you can’t separate them anymore, but have you ever seen a 3D graffiti before? Italian street artist called Peeta has been decorating street walls since 1993, so lack of skills is obviously not an issue here. Now he is hand painting three dimensional graffiti art both indoor and outdoor.

It has the perfect shades and shadows, so perfect that you think you can touch it if you come any closer. To practice his 3D style skills he sculpts a lot to get in touch with new shapes, and when he paints on walls he get inspiration for his sculptures, so he says that it all goes around in a beneficial circle for him.

After seeing graffiti art like this I don’t get people who claim it’s ugly or that it ruins the boring concrete street walls. I think it, frankly is amazing, and continues to look amazing even in picture form. The same thing goes for these graffiti of famous movie roles by artist MTO.


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  2. Google Daim, Ebee and Seak graffiti, they are professional 3D graffiti artists. Their work is outstanding.

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