Amazing Cornfield Art: Super-Sized Mazes Made To Celebrate NASA Achievements

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last 50 years, you’ve most likely seen a story or two about crop circles and their possibly extra terrestrial origin. That’s how people at NASA came up with the original idea to celebrate their milestones and contributions to the world by hiring a cornfield maze design company (these days you can hire a company to do pretty much anything) called “The MAiZE” to design seven mazes that depict significant dates and achievements of NASA.

The mazes are educational in nature and open to public, with numerous NASA-related easter eggs hidden throughout the maze. You can vote for the best design on Space Farm 7’s official website and enter to win a tour of the Kennedy Space Center. You can also win lunch with an astronaut.

Speaking of people expressing their artistic creativity on an extra large scale, check out how Japanese farmers use rice fields as canvas.

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