Animals hanging from bridge to rise global warming awareness


Under the Millennium Bridge in London there have been spotted two glass penguins and a stuffed polar bear hanging with ropes around their necks. The whole idea of doing so is to make people more aware of the global climate change that the earth is going through.

The artist, Vincent J.F. Huang, that made this “protest” wanted to symbolize the man’s assault to the nature and the environment. The hanging toy animals have drawn a lot of attention from bystanders and hopefully it has given them something to think about.

penguins-hanging penguin-hanging-taking-phot penguin-hanging global-warming

Several other artists are aware of the environment changes and are trying to influent through their art, like this artist who used grass to create eco friendly animal “graffiti”.


  1. Hanging penguins, even fake ones, is blasphemy. Those heretics will pay with their lives.

    And there is no global warming. WEll, okay, there is. In climate models, in computer simulations. The same simulations that can’t even confirm the development of the past 25 years.

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