Apple Watch is Now Reservable for Online Buying

The Apple Watch buyers are now allowed to reserve this wearable gadget and select it from their local Apple stores.

This week, Apple’s newly created Reserve and Pick Up support service was opened up for business at the company’s online shops in the US, Australia, UK and in all the other countries where this watch is now available. The new support lets you choose a particular edition of this watch and then go over to your Apple store at some point where you can try it out and then even buy it. You can decide on a particular watch design by looking on the Internet and then select your area to see if it is available. The costly Apple Watch Edition is appearing only in particular locations, while its less-expensive relatives, the Apple Watch Sport or the Apple Watch designs are more present in specialized shops.

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The Reserve and Pick Up facility marks the first time when you can select an Apple Watch right in-store. Until now, you were able to only purchase this watch on the websites, either by talking t a sales rep at your regional Apple Store or by just going to the company’s site and reserving it on your own, and then getting it shipped to your address. The new policy seems to be an indication that supplies are beginning to even out with demands. But this also looks to have been an important part of Apple’s selling strategy all along. A supposedly internal memo from the company’s retail store manages was leaked in a few months, saying that they expected Apple Watch’s orders on the Internet to proceed all over the next weeks.

The new option does require a booking. So you cannot just walk into any Apple shop whenever you want and expect to get out with a brand new Apple Watch at your wrist. But such a walk seems to be the next step. In its June 4 news release, the company said that it had a plan to start promoting certain designs at the stores.

They were also making great progresses with the backlog of their wearable gadget and were thankful to their clients for their patience, as the officials have stated said in the press release. All purchases placed through the past months, with the sole exception of the Apple Watch 42 mm Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet, will be shipped to all clients within the next two weeks. In those days, they will also start promoting some editions in their Apple Retail Stores.

To be more precisely, how does this in-store booking program work?

  • Go to the Apple Store site for your country, follow the web link at the top for watches and then choose the Buy Now key.
  • Among the several different editions, select the model of watch that you wish to buy. Each version comes in various specialized designs. Simply select the button for the exact model that would interest you.
  • At the bottom of the watches’ description, you must now read a couple of lines that say: “Interested in buying in-store? Examine booking accessibility”. Simply select the option to see booking accessibility.
  • Then choose the dropdown box that has written on it Select retail store. In the United States, you first have to choose your state and then choose your local store. The company will tell you if a particular Apple Watch edition is in its stock at the shop and indicate the next available period when you can reserve it and select your watch.
  • Login with your Apple user ID.
  • Next, you will have to demand and verify a signing up code. Write your contact number and the signing up code that you have received and then press Continue.
  • Select an approximate period of time when you wish to take the watch and write your name, e-mail address and mobile number.
  • Choose the Confirm Reservation key to close the whole deal. Then, go to your regional Apple Store at the preferred hours to have a look at it and to buy your watch. And do not be worried if you change your mind, since you are not required to buy the watch even if you have reserved it beforehand.

The Apple Watch is now available both on the Internet and in the retail stores in the US, Australia, UK, China, Canada, Germany, France, Japan and Hong Kong. Starting on June 26, this watch will be sold also in Mexico, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain and Taiwan.

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