Are These the World’s 10 Least Funny T-shirt Jokes?

Do you laugh or cringe when you see someone with a funny t-shirt with a joke on it? It all depends on the joke, I suppose. Here are some funny t-shirts which won’t make you laugh and some which, quite frankly, might.

The Eye Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Eye Joke

What a terrible joke. To think, I had to screw up my eyes to read that small print. If you are going to wear a funny t-shirt like this then expect to lose all your friends, lose your job and get a divorce. Still, some passing opticians might smile at it, and that’s the main thing.

The Facebook Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Facebook Joke

This one probably falls into the “so true it hurts” category. You know fine well that your Facebook photo makes you look far less weird than you are in real life.

The I’m Fine Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the I'm Fine Joke

The t-shirt joke here appears to be that the garment is splattered in blood but says “I’m fine” on it. Has anyone wearing this funny t-shirt ever suffered a serious flesh wound only to have passersby laugh at them? Would serve them right really.

The Knock Knock Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Knock Knock Joke

Wow. A knock knock joke. I haven’t heard one of those in years. The fact that this t-shirt joke goes on to mock the homeless only goes to make it end even worse than it started.

The Pumpkin Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Pumpkin Patch Joke

I have a 5 year old nephew who delights in telling meandering, pointless jokes and then bursting out laughing while everyone else just sits and looks at him. Even he would struggle to find the funny side to this one.

The No Brains Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the No Brains Joke

Ok, so this is quite an amusing t-shirt, at least compared to the others ones we have looked at. But can you really imagine wearing it to work or to the disco?

The Bomb Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Bomb Joke

I quite like this t-shirt joke. I bet that if you ever wore this funny t-shirt you would occasionally run about aimlessly just to see if anyone joined in. You are cruel sometimes.

The Bear Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Bear Joke

No selection of so-called funny t-shirts is complete without a fat person joke. In this case, it celebrates the fact that people who can’t run as fast as you could save you from a mauling from a bear. It’s probably actually a good image to act as motivation for someone wanting to lose weight.

The Chuck Norris Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Chuck Norris Joke

There has to be an obligatory Chuck Norris t-shirt joke as well, hasn’t there? You know, I have never seen a Chuck Norris film in my life but I have seen so many jokes about him on the internet that I feel as though I have spent the last 10 years doing nothing but watching him.

The Drunk Joke

Least Funny T-shirt Jokes and the Drunk Joke

The final one is actually quite a decent and funny joke. I only include it because I get really tired of all these t-shirts with drinking jokes on them. Ok, so you are a borderline alcoholic but stop boasting about it already. You don’t see me wearing amusing t-shirts talking about my addiction to eating toothpaste, do you?

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