The Art of Gurning: Pulling Funny Faces Gets Serious

If you are good at pulling funny faces then you could be a world champion. Seriously. There is a world championship for something called gurning in which all you need to do is screw up your face and try to look as stupid as possible. Like these people do.

The 11 Times World Gurning Champion

Gurning and Pulling Funny Faces

Do you remember the name of the guy who won the 2010 world championships (and 10 other times as well)? Come on, you must have see him on the news. Well, his name is Tommy Mattinson and he beat off a string of rivals a few years back to claim the crown. It might look easy but I guess he spent long hours practising in front of the mirror and scaring local kids to get this far.

The Veteran Gurner


This guy looks like he has been pulling funny faces for decades. The classic way of gurning in style is to stick out your lower jaw and then try to cover your top lip with your bottom one. Yeah, just like you are doing right now while reading this. Now go and look at a mirror, you crazy rubber faced fool. Strangely the first guy we looked at on here is the only one who doesn’t seem to do that, which marks him out as some sort of cool gurning rebel in my book.

The Classic Gurn

Pulling a Funny Face

So how exactly does one win a gurning world championship event type thing? To be more exact, how do the judges classify one funny face over the others? The rules (yes, there are rules, this is the UK after all) state that the person who manages the biggest transformation in their face without outside help is the winner. I guess that means that being incredibly attractive to begin with is probably a big help.

The Multiple Winner

The Art of Gurning

If I’m, honest I’m just about to show up my abysmal lack of gurning knowledge but I don’t care. I saw this photo and regarded it as a sort of half hearted attempted. The lady’s apparent lack of teeth mean that she could sure get this lip up higher. Come on; push out that blooming jaw, old girl. However, I did some research and discovered that this is Anne Woods. Yes, the Anne Woods. What do you mean; you don’t know who she is? She is only the person who has won the female version of the event 27 times. She has now entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the member of the human race who is able to pull the funniest face.

The World Class Gurn with a Secret

The Art of Gurning

This chap is called Peter Jackman. He is also a multiple winner of the gurning world championships. Actually, I’m beginning to get a funny feeling that not as many people enter these events as you might think. Peter has one huge advantage which he puts to good use. He lost most of the teeth in his lower jaw in an accident. While this may prove troublesome in eating chewy cuts of meat it has provided his with one of the world’s finest gurns.

The Awesome Gurn

The Awesome Gurn

Wow, this is one scary dude. I have no idea if his ability to tuck his nose under his bottom lip has ever won him universal acclaim and respect but it certainly should do. If you can emulate this face then it is probably time to consider taking up this sport on a full time basis.

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