1. Ruining more American history I see? Well your apperant philosopy is wrong. Plenty people still listen to records myself included. And I bet you didn’t know that music on vinyl is a better quality than crap digital music? You should feel stupid and ashamed.

  2. Regarding “oh great job”s comment: I really thought I was going to get through this comment section without some negative hipster word vomit, sadly this was not the case:(
    Just like most things american vinyl was vastly overproduced and as I suspected the artist chose to use some of these useless unlistenable records for his project (eg. Soundtrack to ‘Casablanca’, ‘Happy Days The Fonz Favs’ and last but most certainly not least “C.B.S’s Lets Go Disco)
    Now I can appreciate the beauity that is listening to a first pressing of the Clash’s London Calling through a ‘Peachtree’ amplifier as much as the next guy.. but please don’t be that guy, that guy who has always got to try and piss on everybody else’s parade.. (Nobody thinks you are any more cultured because you actually are my sad little friend) Thank you all for your time and don’t let depressing know-it-all want-to-be hipsters like OhGreatJob make you second guess your taste in art.. bye bye folks;)

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