3 Artists We Would Like to See More of (Or Hear about More Often)

People all over the world are hooked on television shows and live contests that aim to search and discover all sorts of talented people in different areas, from singing, to dancing to doing all sorts of unseen-before artistic acts. These shows, usually containing words and phrases such as “got talent”, “voice”, “stars” and so on, bring to the attention of the general public a bunch of true prodigies who go through a competition against each other for some big prize, world fame and who knows, a kick – start to their artistic careers.

Everybody dreams to be “discovered” during such show and win it, being in the favored position of getting an impresario or an agent, signing contracts and shooting for the stars (with additional fame and fortune). However, these shows end at some point (only to resume next season with other equally talented and spectacular contestants), while the world is expecting the former winners to become international celebrities. Granted, some actually made it to the entertainment industry, while others disappeared just as fast as they showed up. Today we will take a look back over 3 artists we would like to see more of, or at least, hear about more often.

3. Duo Flame – Ukraine’s Got Talent


Even if recently things got hot (and are getting even hotter) in Ukraine, this doesn’t mean we should forget some very fine artists, like the Duo Flame dancing couple – described as being incredibly talented dancers who, given the opportunity, might have a lot of success in the entertainment industry on an international level. Maybe the odds will be in their favor and we’ll hear good news about them or see them soon in grand shows and tours.

2. Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle

Susan was quite famous back in 2009 in Great Britain and became a true sensation when she first opened her mouth and started singing, as the jury and the public were misled by her … simple (almost peasant – like) looks and outfit. This is not an unseen phenomenon: a simple looking individual gets up there on stage and stands a bit of mockery and incredulity due to age or looks, and then shows off his or her talent to the amazement of everybody. Susan Boyle was such a phenomenon and it’s a pity we didn’t hear more about her or a potential singing career.

1. Rose “Osang” Fontanes – X Factor Israel

rose osang

Another sensation in the international talent shows, Rose is a Filipino caregiver who won X Factor Israel quite recently and was described as a “role – model” and a hope for all dreamers out there who manage to gather up the courage to follow their dreams and do whatever it takes to nurture their gifts and talents. Rose is among those artists we would like to see more of, as she impressed not only the jury, but the public all over the world with her singing performance and it would be a true pity to lose her in the shadows of anonymity.


Amira Willighagen – Holland’s Got Talent

Amira Willighagen

This little girl made all Europe stand up and applaud, because her tiny body managed to utter an angelic voice, while the 9 year old child prodigy chose to impress the jury and the public with very hard and complex opera pieces that brought tears in many watching TV eyes. Since we were also impressed, we dug up some information and it seems little Amira is on her way to celebrity, as she is about to release her first album this spring. She is one of those artists we would like to see more of in ten – fifteen years, as she has a strong shot to become one of the next best opera singing stars and the world would truly benefit from her presence on international stages.

There are plenty of artists who won talent shows and competitions, in Europe, the U.S. and even farther corners of the planet, and who deserve a shot to accomplish their dream of singing, dancing or entertaining the world.


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