5 Awesome Days to Celebrate in 2014

This world is as crazy as can be and you can become aware of this fact only if you browse online searching for weird, funny and crazy days (usually meaning awareness events and celebrations) that people hold dear to their hearts. While we are used to national and international holidays, be them religious or having a social, medical or political feature to them, mankind seems to celebrate other whacky stuff, like objects, animals and historical events.

All year round, all over the world, each month and every day has some special meaning in some corner of the planet. Now, given your own culture and traditions, you may not be very interested in celebrating the Camcorder Day, while others take very seriously the world-wide manifestations related to Cancer Awareness Day, Earth Day, Autism Awareness Day and so on. But for a change of perspective and for your general knowledge on world’s events, let’s take a look at five awesome days to celebrate in 2014.

1. Extraterrestrial Abductions Day – 20th of March

mulder i want to believe

Now this would be Fox Mulder favorite celebration day of all times. If there would be a real Fox Mulder or aliens abducting people. Oh, wait, maybe there are…  It is hard, if not impossible to trace back in history the origins of the celebration or the mastermind who invented it, but for fun’s sake, don’t forget to watch the sky for strange lights, UFO activity and spending time with your abducted buddies. Maybe you can all watch ET or some X Files special marathon and sign anonymous petitions that demand full disclosure on Area 51 projects. May be fun.

2. Lost Sock Memorial Day – 9th of May

socks dissapear

Whoever invented this was a genius. It’s odd nobody identified the brilliant mind who finally came with this idea. We all know socks leave us, from a reason or another and we mourn their loss just as we’d mourn fallen comrades on the battle field. So this is not only one of the best and most awesome days to celebrate in 2014 (as it is UNIVERSAL), but a good opportunity to say goodbye to the missing ones and release the now solitary soldiers out from your drawers. You can even host a ceremony and accompany the victims on their way to the trash bin with songs of sorrow. It is a sad day and everybody should pay their respects to the lost socks and the ones they are about to throw.

3. Cheer Up the Lonely Day – 11th of July

lonely day

We all know somebody who is lonely. A friend, a family member, a colleague. Being there for somebody is a generous act of kindness and it shouldn’t happen only one day a year. But this particular day, we all should be near somebody who has few friends or relatives, is single or just lost someone close. Loneliness is a terrible feeling and having a cheerful, pleasant and inspiring presence next to you is the best thing ever. So choose among the most awesome days to celebrate in 2014 this particular one and pay forward your kindness and love to the less fortunate. This great idea seems to belong to Mr. Francis Pesek who invented and promoted it.

4. International Talk Like a Pirate Day – 19th of September

talk like a pirate day

This one dates back to 1995 and is attributed to two men – John Baur and Mark Summers – who spiced up their racquetball game with some Pirate – Talk and then decided this should be a celebration day for all those who feel like pirates in their hearts. This is the day when you can ask all the time “Why is the rum gone?” without looking or sounding suspicious and answer with Aye or Nye, or express your feelings with weird sounds and roars.

5. National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – 16th of December

Melted Chocolate

Are you a chocaholic who dreams every night that Willy Wonka retired to an exotic island and left you with his entire legacy in chocolate? Good, cause we are too and we can’t wait to be December 16th to have everything edible (and a few things …less edible) covered in rivers of creamy dreamy chocolate. We don’t know who exactly invented this day and why is it only “National” instead of universal, but we are glad somebody thought we should cover anything in chocolate, at least once a year. In the other 364 / 365 days, we just eat the chocolate as it is.

These are only five awesome days to celebrate in 2014 and there are at least 300 more. Pick your favorite one and let everybody know about it! Savvy?

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