Awesome Life Lessons as Taught by Grey’s Anatomy

No one would normally think that movies or series could have a significant impact on someone’s life but more often than not they do create feelings or bring drama to light that we have forgotten. Moreover, some very well created shows can have an impact few of us expected: that of being a learning tool. Indeed, there are some series that have been educational (apart from medical series or survival series where Bear Grills has shown us the key to mastering proper hydration through pee). And one of those series has been Grey’s Anatomy. We would like to show you exactly why:

  • Because it has shown us the importance of taking life into our own hands and not missing out on opportunities. Remember, in life, it is the things we don’t do that cause regret and not the things we did wrong.



  • There is nothing wrong with you. Accept that you are different and start loving yourself to death. It matters.



  • Being sane is very important. And taking care of your own mental health is just as important. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should have butterflies and sunshine around you at all times.



  • Friendship counts, a lot. It’s the one thing that actually makes everything worthwhile, knowing that there is someone to share the burden with.



  • It’s important to let things to, and sometimes, dealing with problems may be simply done by dancing. Yes, Grey’s Anatomy showed us that we can all dance it out.



  • People are seldom what they seem. Not everyone is cold and robotic. But when someone is, deal with it.



  • The show also has amazing men related lessons in it. Of course, they are not what you would expect, but Christina does have a clue about what she’s talking about.



  • Describing a true friendship may require special words so as to completely portray the deep and unique feelings someone has for each other. However, if I were describing my friendship, I would certainly quote Christina Yang. She nailed it.



  • Make place for romance in your life- but also be prepared to receive it once it arrives.



  • The show also redefined many of our previous concepts, like love and how it occurs between the most different of people, or in this case something as mundane as intimacy. Their definition does hit it out of the park.



  • We are never alone- with our fears or pleasures and whenever you feel like giving up remember there are so many people wanting to give up as well. Knowing you aren’t the only crazy person in the room gives you the drive to keep going when you feel you want to call it quits.



  • Healthy food choices have also been attempted by the show. Addison, for instance, has a foolproof method of rationalizing cake eating.



  • Beauty is not only fleeting but superficial. Remember everyone, it’s what’s on the inside that counts so cherish your minds and souls rather than your bodies. Also, consider those who see you for who you are and not how you look.


  • All is fair in love and war. And everywhere in between. Fight to the nails for what you want to achieve and never back down.



  • Last but not least, the series has shown us, if anything, how love is supposed to feel like. How it takes you on this roller-coaster ride from hell when you’re up and then down and then right back up again so fast that it makes your head spin and by the time you’ve reached the end of the ride and can understand what has happened, you want to ride it all over again.



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