5 Awesome New Gadgets to Have Fun with in the Future

In a world almost addicted to technology, producers and manufacturers are in a constant race to prove imagination and originality know no boundaries when it comes to inventing new gadgets, high – tech products and equipment that make our lives better, more efficient, more satisfactory and, why not, more amusing. We covered pretty interesting facts in the technology field in the past and today we will resume some interesting news on the subject, by taking a look over what was hot and top notch at CES 2014 event and some other news in the industry which may sound a bit odd to you, but nonetheless interesting. Let’s see five awesome new gadgets to have fun with in the future and if some of them look or sound too bizarre to you, well, take your complaints to the tech developers!

5. Fujitsu Haptic Tablet

fujitsu haptic tablet

Now we all have all sorts of tablets, ultrabooks and even smartphones to make our lives better, smarter, more connected to the surrounding reality, more adapted to the fast – paced world we’re living in. But the guys from Fujitsu took things to a whole new level, as they very recently announced a new tablet to let people feel texture and tactile sensations with the helps of ultrasound vibrations. Children could feel safely the texture of an animal’s skin or fur, you could feel the texture of a material and thus have a deeper sense of the surrounding reality. Awesome or what?

4. Sensoria, the Smart Sock

smart sock

Coming from Heapsylon, the Smart Sock is among the most awesome new gadgets to have fun with, especially if you are a runner or a fitness aficionado. It has some sensors that transmit to an app and thus you can have a lot of feedback and jogging indicators to control and improve your activity performance. It calculates the number of steps, the force of your step against the ground, improper technique and so on. It is one of the most useful gadgets presented at CES 2014, according to some specialists, and given the fact that Heapsylon plans even more awesome new gadgets for runners, such as the smart shirt and bra with embedded heart monitor. The target clientele is quite wide, specialists say and this is a good thing.

3. Mother, the awesome new gadget that replaces your mother’s nagging


Don’t forget to brush your teeth, did you drink enough water today, are you wearing clean underwear? (God, we hope it doesn’t ask / tell this!). Mother is a cool gadget for people who, despite being grown – ups, still need their mommies to nag them on some basic life skills. Laugh all you want, but this gadget made a riot at CES this year and besides its nagging part, it also has a useful part, reminding people when to take their medication or when to solve household problems and errands.

2. The Crock-Pot

crock pot

Don’t mistake it for some crack – pot, alright? This is serious technology from Belkin and this year’s CES showed that only sky is the limit when mixing house hold appliances with smart technology. Cooking technology, WI-FI technology and smartphones, what could ladies ask for more when it comes to managing kitchen issues and prepare a healthy dinner for their loves ones? Although, if Belkin makes cooking so easy and so hi-tech, there will be plenty of guys who will love to give it a try…

1. The Electrical Condom

electric condom

Now let’s not get jumpy before learning what is this all about. According to the news, two tech – savvy students from Georgia Tech University invented an electrical condom, which goes by the name of “Electric Eel” that stimulate men during… you know… so they get some benefits of wearing condoms, as the general attitude is that condoms take away their pleasure. If these guys manage to turn the prototype into a selling popular product, no more excuses for men to avoid the rubber. More about this exciting product here.

Do you know other awesome new gadgets to have fun with in the future? Have you tested one of them or are interested to? Let us know and maybe we will come back with more ideas for your to play with!

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