Awesomely Geeky Attire In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a show that celebrates everything geeky with a smattering of self-effacing humor, inside-jokes and some interesting subversions of nerdy stereotypes. With such a collection of colorful, nerdy characters there’s bound to be a ton of references to comics, movies and other geekery all through the show. This is true even of the wardrobe department, which features a selection of awesome geeky clothing that ranges from the obvious to subtle.

Sheldon’s Favorite Heroes

Whenever there’s an excuse to dress as The Flash, Sheldon Cooper takes it, and even when there isn’t he’s often seen in a stylish red Flash t-shirt. Maybe it’s the idea of a scientific breakthrough/accident giving someone superpowers that makes this character so appealing, either way the t-shirts are fun and the costumes are just hilarious and it’s hard not to picture him in something without the iconic lightning bolt logo on it.

While The Flash seems to have a prominent place in Dr Sheldon Cooper’s wardrobe it’s pretty obvious that he has a thing for the Lantern Corps… Not just the Green Lantern but the ENTIRE Lantern Corps. Sheldon’s been seen in a variety of different shirts featuring the different Lantern groups.

To be honest the idea that he would want to be in the Lantern Corps is kind of scary, for these guys, imagination and conviction are superpowers… Just think about that for a while.

  Howard’s Belt Buckles

Seems like an obscure thing to make geeky, so it’s pretty surprising just how many sweet, geeky belt buckles he has.

Aside from the controller he’s also been seen wearing some other pretty awesome geeky buckles including a Klingon communicator, a silver Batman symbol and one featuring The Flash.

The Subtly Smart Outfits



While everyone else is content with plain old geek culture references Leonard sometimes takes it to another level. If there’s one thing we love more than superheroes and sci-fi, it’s got to be caffeine! If you’re in the know (or can just follow where this is going) you’d realise that the t-shirt above actually features a caffeine molecule. Caffeine as we all know is the life-blood of all research and gaming sessions.


Next up is Sheldon’s Halloween effort, for once ditching the usual Flash costume he’s instead dressed as the Doppler Effect. It may look pretty bizarre but that’s some ‘outside the box’ thinking when it comes to wardrobe.


Everything Star Trek

From the use of original series t-shirts to full on costumes it’s pretty fun to see some retro sci-fi geekery and nobody pulls off the Vulcan look better than Sheldon. Of course it would be kind of cool to see the Sheldon and Amy suited up as a couple, but this is as close as we’ll get for now.

Also there’s the oft mentioned but never seen Lt. Uhura costume owned by Rajesh Koothrappali.

The Surprisingly Convincing Stage Dress

When geeks do dress up, they go all out. Although these may not be the typically detailed homemade outfits you might see at a convention, they do make a particularly convincing Justice League. Those aren’t the only examples of some spot-on superhero costumes in the show.

Stuart as the fourth Doctor Tom Baker isn’t a bad attempt either and I think we can all say that Leonard as a Hobbit was oddly fitting.


The Punishment Costumes

As fun as it is to see people geeking out, it’s also pretty hilarious when they’re forced outside their comfort zone. It may not necessarily be awesome per-se but there is something endearing about seeing the sea of glum faces contrasted by Rajesh actually enjoying himself as Cat Woman.


Also, while it’s not particularly geeky I have to throw in the French maid outfit as well. That moment was hilarious.


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