Having a Bad Hair Day? At Least It’s Not As Bad As These Ones

We all have bad hair days now and then but I bet you never have one as bad as the ones suffered by these poor people.

The Donald Trump Hair Disaster

The Donald Trump Hair Disaster

If you were worth $2.9 billion you would be able to afford a half decent hair cut, wouldn’t you? Or a wig. Or some hair gel. Or a hat. Heck. I barely have $2.90 in my account but I’ve just worked out 4 possible solutions for him. Hey, you can thank me whenever you want Donald. To be honest, his bad hair days appear to be down to the use of a bizarre double comb over type hairstyle to hide – can you believe it? – his growing bald patch. Just go with the flow Donald, let it all hang out and you’ll have less bad hair days like this one.

The Missing Patch Day

Weird Haircut

What happened to this dude? At a guess, I would suggest that a mischievous big brother gave him a weird hair cut like that. Alternatively, he might have passed under a particularly sharp and low bridge. Whatever happened to his barnet he looks pretty cool about it, which is good to see. Actually, this raises the question of whether he even realises what how horrific his hair looks.

The Lady Gaga Bad Hair Day

Lady Gaga Weird Hair

Am I the only person who gets intensely annoyed by Lady Gaga’s bad hair? Surely not. Her array of mind numbing wigs and ridiculous styles just leave me quietly simmering some days for no real reason. You’re right; I should see a shrink.

The Phil Spector Weird Afro Thing

Phil Spector's Weird Hair

Good grief! Who is this chap who has kindly offered to allow a variety of woodland creatures to set up home in his mop? Why, it is none other than Phil Spector, The crazy ass record producer is currently in jail but during his trial for murder he wore some incredibly bad wigs, with this bizarre afro being the worst offender.

The Brad Pitt Bad Beard Day

Brad Pitt's Bad Hair and Beard Day

This photo might fall more correctly in the Bad Beard Day category but its late and I simply can’t be bothered writing a new article. Is that ok? Brad had a pretty tragic, geeky haircut in early school photos, went cool for a couple of decades and then let this happen to his hair / beard.

The Missing Hair Day

Weird Haircut

I have no idea what happened here. It just looks as though a bit of this person’s hair kind of disappeared. Which is sort of puzzling really.

The Bad Mullet Day

Bad Haircut

Ah, so the mullet isn’t dead after all? The bad haircut made famous by South American footballers and stupid people looks more fetching than ever in this photo. The shaved lines give the head a kind of streamlined grace, which is ended abruptly (some would say artistically) by a clump of flowing locks.

The Love God Hair Cut

Weird Haircut

Lock up your daughters because this is the kind of chap the ladies just can’t resist. His long, flowing hair, his sultry glare, the hearts shaved onto his body. Hang on, what? This modern day Adonis decided that having hair a pony would be proud of wasn’t enough for him to woo with. No sir, our hunky hero then decided that shaving his adorable chest hair and, err, delightful stomach hair into the shape of hearts would be a jolly good idea. He was completely and utterly right, of course.

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