Batman Suicide Squad – What to Expect from the Joker?

In Batman: Suicide Squad, as a villain personality, Joker has been a bad guy deep-seated in secret for many decades, and this is no different for the character showing in the new movie to be produced this year. Even if we have known for some time that Jared Leto will be in the new big role of the Clown Prince of Crime, there has been no formal information on his exact part in the movie.

Several reviews have mentioned he is not a participant of the Squad itself, but the type of maneuvers he is capable of is mostly still a secret. Luckily, we now have new details about how this Joker will act with Jared Leto behind its white mask, even if some hardcore fans were not too thrilled about the casting choice in general.

Earlier nowadays, the media published new information on what the spectators will see in Suicide Squad, such as the relation with the other bad guy Hugo Strange. A few of this stuff gets back to the villain’s earliest origins, while others will adjust to famous stages from the history, but Jared Leto puts together the image of a character like we have never seen before in live-action movies. Here is what we can expect from this Joker, with Leto playing a great villain in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

jared leto joker batman suicide squad

It is Based on the Dark Knight Series

It is well known right now that Ben Affleck’s Batman is partly based off the Dark Knight character, particularly his mature age and Bat-suit. The traditional 1986 series will also be inspiring for Jared Leto’s Joker, especially regarding his look. Reviews declare that Jared is leaner and scarred, but the clothes have wide shoulders. In the initial scenario, Joker has maintained a catatonic look for many years, and only when Batman reappeared he became aware of his evil side and started another killing spree.

It does not seem like his mad part will be tailored for Suicide Squad, but when or if he runs away, perhaps he will be dressed in the white-colored and violet fit he worn in the first movie and cartoon animations.

He Is Fit, not Skinny

joker jared leto

So, he will not be as muscular as when he ingested Bane’s anabolic steroid in Arkham Asylum. However, this version of the Joker will surely be with muscles rather than skinny. During his jail time, he has been working out seriously, particularly before getting out. This tells us why Leto has gained a significant amount of muscle mass, in order to fit the role better

Even if Joker has been proved to be a good fighter in the many versions of the comics, his physique portrayed in the comic books differs over time, from being incredibly slimmer to a little bit larger in stature. The Joker is a criminal genius already, but if he has been training intensely in jail, this will make him much more risky to fight with. Even if he does not have his famous arsenal of weaponry, he still could destroy any person who gets in the way without problem.

Joker’s Skin is Actually Bleached, not Caked in Makeup


Before we saw Joker in the theaters, when Christopher Nolan made the decision to have the villain (the late Heath Ledger) use tons of make up to create the famous scary look. Not now, Suicide Squad is returning to the traditional bleached skin, a look fitting Jared Leto’s finer facial features and the penchant for cosmetics. The Joker probably has some of the most acclaimed super villain roots. While committing illegal activities at a substance manufacturer, the guy who will become Joker got into battle with Batman and got thrown into a massive vat of dangerous substances.

These elements bleached his skin into a white shade, colored his hair green and made his lips dark red, taking whatever peace of sane mind he had left and made him the Joker. Heath Ledger’s character obviously looked as scary as possible, but it is an excellent shift of tables to see them doing the Joker’s look in the new movie in the same way it was made Jack Nicholson character in the 1989 famous movie.

He has Murdered Batman’s Sidekick

joker killed robin

One of Joker’s most callous things in the comic strips was the ruthless killing of Jason Todd, Batman’s second Robin. Surprisingly, that will be the same situation in the new movie. Moreover to the movie relating to his previous criminal acts, Suicide Squad also says that this version of Joker murdered one of Batman’s sidekicks. The content does not reveal which particular Robin was killed, but if these films want to use Dick Grayson in the role of Nightwing, then Jason is the most likely option.

When Dark Knight Returns was released, these people were the only two sidekicks. Perhaps, following the story line in the comics, this Batman does not want to have another partner after Joker killed Jason, but later chooses to agree to let another person as new Robin, or even a Batgirl instead.

Joker is a Good Match for Amanda Waller

amanda waller

This is a little detail, but the reviews say that Suicide Squad’ supervisor Amanda Waller will interrogate the Joker during the movie. A gossip from a few months ago mentioned that Joker is introduced into the Belle Reve jail compound by Waller, in order for her to use him and maintain Harley Quinn under control. While he is there, it appears that like Waller might also make him responsible for any other illegal action he is engaged in.

The Joker, by definition, is not often supportive with his opponents, be it the Batman or govt authorities, so it is difficult to think about him offering help to Waller in every way. Nevertheless, one fact is certain: he has a strategy, and if the rumors are real, it will result in a super villain getting out of prison. The officials should have known better than to build any kind of connection with this murderous clown.

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