The Beatles "Abbey Road" album cover has inspired many musicians

Abbey-Road Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover has inspired several artists to use the same theme on their covers. Even if it has been 40 years since the Beatles cover, artists today are still copying it.
kanye-west-beatles Late Orchestration is a live album by American hip hop artist Kanye West, released on 2006

mad-comics-beatlesMadman Atomic Comics, Volume 1

ren-and-stimpy-beatlesYou Eediot! is a compilation of music featured in the landmark Nickelodeon cartoon series The Ren and Stimpy Show that was released in 1993. The album featured several popular songs from the series, including the single “Kilted Yaksmen Anthem” and “Happy Happy Joy Joy”

metallica-beatles Beatallica “A Garage Dayz Nite” from 2001

the-simpsons-beatles Music From “The Simpson’s” TV show “Abbey Simpson’s Road”

trhcp-beatles The Abbey Road is an EP by Red Hot Chili Peppers, released in 1988 through EMI America. Out of the five tracks included on this EP, four had already been previously-released on the band’s studio albums.

bitchin-babes-cover Four Bitchin’ Babes are contemporary folk, with a fair percentage of humorous songs, female band from U.S

fransciscianroadThe Friars Of The Community Of St. Savior’s Monastery – “Franciscan Road”

inspired-by-beatles And many more, like rap band “Chubb Rock”, Monata Country music, Seasame road etc. Album covers can be used to several things, like these retro record covers.


  1. Kanye, I'm really happy for your album cover and Imma let you finish, but Beatles had the best album cover of all times. Of all times.

  2. The Abbey Road album was released in 1969 following a rumor that Paul McCartney was dead, the figures were supposed to represent a funeral corsage,

    John Lennon in white at the front was supposedly the preacher, Ringo Starr behind him the undertaker, next bare footed McCartney was the corse, while George Harrison bringing up the rear in dungarees was the grave digger.

    The Volkswagen pulled up on the curb has the number plate 28 IF, thus McC would be 28 next birthday.. there were said to be several other allusions in the pic as well!

  3. Metallica rocks! This band was the first band I ever listened to and I have not stopped listening. For people new to Metallica, check out their song Nothing Else Matters.

    Great website.

  4. It’s great that i’ve found this article on google , keep up the good work mate …

  5. Paul McCartney was always my favourite Beatle. Perhaps he was always destined for a lifetime of fame, as he has probably been the most prominent Beatle of them all.

  6. You forgot to add Oasis’s album “What’s The Story (Morning Glory)” to the list of inspirations taken from this Beatles album, as the album’s photo features Noel Gallagher walking up this road.

  7. Sounds great Richard…although you have have gotten yourself in a heap load of trouble with Lisa….lolol

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