8 Most Beautiful Street Artists and Creations of 2013

Art doesn’t necessarily have to lay around in museums in order to be admired. Sometimes, it can be found on the street, on a wall, on a building, or on the lid of a manhole. The place does not make it less beautiful, as a matter of fact, it is the unexpected places in which we find art that surprises us the most. Street art has become one of the most powerful means of expression, and we simply could not let the year end without mentioning the best street artists, and street creations of 2013, which have managed to beautify the ugly corners of our big cities. There are many talented artists that deserve a mention, and a chance to be discovered by the world. The following ten on the list may not be new to your years, but they have been producing some really strong work.

1. Ever and Roa Collaboration

Roa is infamous for his animal paintings, present on so many walls in the USA and Europe., and Ever is very well known for his portraits of people. Together, they have created one of the most beautiful pieces, called The People Feed Communism to the Beast. The artwork is a depiction of Charimain Mao’s head being offered to an elephant seal. It contains a lot of symbolism.


2. Banksy

Banksy is without a doubt one of the most popular street artists in the world. He has made so many headlines that it would be very difficult not to know him. Many of his work were taken down or not very well received: the Sphinx of Giza, the Central Park Graffiti store etc. Fans actually advise people to steal his work.


3. Cost KRT

Cost is legendary, and he has made his presence even more felt on the streets of New York city with the help of various murals, stickers and wheat-pastes. Because he tends to change ever so often, it is impossible to predict his next move.


4. Unga and Tant of the Broken Fingaz Crew

Unga and tant of the Broken Fingaz Crew are very well known for their works in Israel, however, they made an international splash in 2012 with a work in London, and other European cities. Their works are exquisite, very detailed, and why they are not known better is beyond our power of understanding.



5. Xuan Alyfe

If you like strange, Xuan Alyfe is definitely the street artists for you. He brings something extremely unique to public walls.


Xuan Alyfe is not another vague, humorously leftist stencil, pop art that acts as advertising, a massive production piece requiring a boom lift where fine details get lost in the scale of it all, or something abstract. Instead, a piece by Xuan Alyfe is difficult to describe and evidence that we need more of it. (Source: Complex)

6. Fallen Soldiers by Andy Moss and Jamie Wardley

One of the most breath-taking street arts is the Fallen 9000 piece that is basically a reminder and tribute to the people who lost their lives during D-Day beach landings at Arromanches in 1944 (WW 2). It depicts the shilouetes of the fallen victims, and it is temporary (it will dissappear after the first high tide).


7. Mobstr

Mobstr is all about giving power to the people, and he has receantly released a piece called the Scribble Board, an installation where people can write and draw whatever they wish using markers. This way, the artists will not be forcing his own opinion on others, but rather everyone could express his opinion on the board.


8. Nosego

Nosego is one of our favorite street arts, from the streets of Philadelphia. He has contributed with many great things around the country, and for your viewing pleasure we have some of his most representative works. Enjoy! 

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