42 Beauty Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Beauty doesn’t necessarily have to involve long trips to the spa or expensive treatments. It is possible to preserve your natural beauty or enhance the effect of make-up and other products with the help of a few tricks. Below you will find 42 beauty tricks that you should definitely try out at least once. They include everything from dealing with pimples to preserving the color of dyed hair.



1. Shave With Conditioner

If you ran out of shaving cream, cover your legs with conditioner instead of soap. It will soften the hair on your legs, and it will be easier to shave, leaving a silky feel on your skin.

2. Rinse Hair With Beer Or Vinegar

Using beer to rinse your hair, helps bring back moisture to you locks while vinegar will enhance the shine. Soak your hair in whichever of these liquids you prefer, let it on for a few minutes and rinse with cold water.

3. Heat your Lash Curler

If you want to have curlier and more flirtier eye lashes, try this next trick. Heat your lash curler with the hair drier about 8 seconds before curling the lashes.

4. Use Ice Cubes Keep Fat, Acne And Wrinkles Under Control

Massage your face with an ice cube until it melts. Try doing this ritual every night before going to bed and you will keep acne, fat cells and wrinkles at bay.

5. Make Your Manicure Last

Before applying your nail polish, wipe your nails with an acetone-based cleanser. Cleaning the dirt and excess oil from your nails will ensure a longer staying power for the nail polish, up to a week and a half.

6. Soothe Your Stomach… And Your Skin


It seems that Pepto-Bismol is not good only for the stomach, but also for the face. This product contains bismuth subsalicylate, which is usually found in face creams. Spread two tablespoons of Pepto-Bismol on your face and let it sit between 15 to 30 minutes.Rinse it off with warm water.

7. Don’t Forget To Use Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen even if its cloudy as 80% of the harmful ultraviolet rays pass trought the clouds.

8. Take care of your elbows

Elbows can be easily forgotten, but they need the same amount of care like any other part of the body.Massage Bio-Oil on your elbows every day and you will feel the difference.

9. Lighten Your Hair With Chamomile Tea And Lemon Juice

If you want to naturally lighten your hair, try rinsing it with a mixture of chamomile and fresh lemon juice. Repeat this process every time you wash your hair.

10. De-Puff Your Eyes With Raw Potatoes Slices

Raw potato slices are great to soothe the eyes. Potatoes are astringent, meaning they help lower the water retention and contain catalasa, an enzyme which lightens the dark color of the under eye circles.

11. Prolong  The Lifespan Of Your Blow Out

How can we make our locks keep their plumped up look for more days and prevent them from going limp? Since your hair is naturally producing oil, use a dry shampoo and spray your roots with it before you start producing oil. In this manner, the shampoo will absorb the oil before it weighs down your locks. Touch up your hair in the morning, with the hair drier and a round brush. This will instantly give your hair a boost of volume.

12. Contouring Creates Dimension

One if the secrets to achieving a celebrity face is to master the art of contouring. For tips on what products to use and how to contour your face, there are plenty tutorials online and on YouTube.

13. Give Up Makeup Sponges

Make up sponges are good at applying foundation, but they tend to soak up to much foundation that what actually ends up on your face.Try replacing them with make up brushes, they consume less foundation and have a more precise application.

14. Avoid Overly Rosy Cheeks

Nice rosy cheeks are a great look for spring but you have to avoid brushing to much, or you might end up looking like a clown. Always start applying you blush at two fingers width from you nose and add it only to the apple of your cheeks. In this way, you will obtain a natural glow without looking ridiculously.

15. Keep Wild Brows In Check

Spray a clean mascara brush or an old tooth brush with hair spray, then brush your brows and style them as you wish. Even the wildest ones will stay in place wit this trick.

16. Applying False Lashes

Take your pair of lashes and loosen them by flexing the band.Curl your lashes. Apply the glue on you false eyelashes and with the help of a tweezer, place the falsies as close as you can to your lash line. Wait for the lashes to dry for some minutes before you apply the mascara.

17. Toothpaste Kills Pimples


For sure you have heard this before.When dealing with a nasty pimple apply a bit of tooth paste on it before going to bed and wash it when you wake up. Tooth paste, extracts impurities out of clogged pores and shrinks the pimple. Go for an organic tooth paste, rather than a gel one.

18. Blot Away Excess Oil

If your skin is oily, then having blotting paper in your bag all the times, is a must! Avoid using powder to get rid of the oil, as by the end of the day you might look cakey. Use blotting aver instead to soak up the oil. You can try the Sephora ones.

19. No Makeup Remover? Try Lotion Instead

If you have used your last drop of make up remover, use body lotion to remove make up. It works great, especially on removing mascara.

20. Fuller Lips Effect

If you want to create the illusion of a fuller lip, all you need is a nude lip liner and a nude lipstick. Look online video tutorials and follow the instructions. You will be impressed with the results.

21. Long Lashes

Get used to curling your lashes before and after you apply mascara. Just remember not to press to hard with your curler.

22. Don’t Pop Your Pimples

Never pop your zit! You can make the blemish worse which might leave a scar.If you want to diminish your chances of blemishes, remember, to leave it alone!

23. Stop Your Hair Colour From Fading Away Too Fast

If you have just coloured your hair, the last thing you want if for the colour to fade away quick. One sure way to prevent this from happening is to use a deep conditioning treatment once a month.This will lock in the colour and will nourish dry and damaged hair.

24. Use A Flat Iron To Create Natural Waves

Flat irons, can be a multi purpose tool. Use it not only to straighten your hair but also to create wavy curls.

25. Exfoliate Your Lips


Remember to exfoliate your lips. Apply a lip balm to your lips, then with a toothbrush or clean mascara brush, scrub your lips, not too rough. Use a tissue to remove the remains and your lips will be smooth as silk.

26. Microwave Lotion Into Spa Treatment

Going to the spa, is extremely pampering and beneficial, but who cant afford it daily? Here is a cheap trick that might give you a spa feeling. Take your body lotion and put it in the microwave, for about 10 seconds, not too hot. Apply it to your skin and relax.

27. Exfoliate Daily

Exfoliation is an important factor for beautiful skin and removing dead cells. Use a light exfoliator and bring your face its natural glow.

28. Know Your Shade

When buying a foundation, test the colour on the skin close to your jawline,and as much as possible do it in a natural light. It’s the best way to help you choose the shade closest to your skin.

29. Uses For Old Mascara Wands

If your mascara is finishes, don’t trow away the wand, you can still use it. Wash it, and use it as a brow brush.

30. Tweezing Tips

Before you pluck your eyebrows, soften your skin by dabbing the area with a cotton pad soaked in warn water.When you start plucking, do it in the growth direction of your hair.

31. Tip On How To Camouflage Grey Hair

If you need to hide white hair strands, use some mascara if you have dark hair, and bronzing powder if you are blonde or your are a redhead.

32. Delay The Need Of A Pedicure

Theres no need to go to the saloon for a pedicure. Scrub you feet with a pumice stone, every morning when taking a shower.Once you dry off, apply some moisturising lotion on your feet.Doing this daily, will increase the time you can stay without a new pedicure and will keep your toes healthy.

33. Don’t Pump Your Mascara In The Tube

Lets admit it, all of us are doing this, moving the mascara wand in the tube really fast to get more product. But this only allows air to get stuck in the tube which leads the mascara dry faster.

34. Use Oil On Your Skin.. Even If Your Face is Already Oily

It might sound crazy but it works wonders. Using an oil based product as a make up remover might improve your skin. When over cleaning the skin, it stimulates the sebum glands, which leads the skin to producing more oil. Oil based products will give an opposite effect.

35. Avoid Chipped Nails

There are only two  ways you can wear your nails: with nail polish or without. Never wear you nails with chipped nails polish, there is nothing more unattractive than chipped red nail polish. Even if you think no one will notice, they always do!

36. Moisturise Correctly

Don’t attack your face with large quantities of moisturise as it will take more than 10 minutes to absorb it properly, before your face is ready for make up. The best way to apply moisturiser is to take a dime size amount and blend it to your cheeks, chin,nose and forehead.

37. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Clean your make up brushes every two weeks, to avoid bacteria build up. Use a shampoo and conditioner and clean them as you would wash your hair.

38. Towel Dry Your Hair The Right Way

Don’t rub your hair with the towel, as you might create frizziness and thin the hair. Before coming out of the shower, squeeze the excess water from your hair, wrap it in a towel and let it absorb the moisture.

39. Remove Nail Polish Without Remover

You want to do your nails but you ran out of nail polish remover. Apply a clear top coat to your nails and remove it with a cotton pad.

40. A Top Coat Is Necessary

Always add a top coat to your fresh painted nails, and another one after they are dry. This way, the nail polish will last longer and won’t chip.

41. Detoxify Your Hair

Try using a clarifying shampoo once a week, it will remove all the impurities out of your hair, and even dandruff.

42. Smile with every change you get

The most important beauty trick out of all, is to smile, as its a woman best accessory.
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