The Best 2014 Funny Cat Videos You Need to See

The internet was invented so that we could watch funny cat videos from around the world instead of working hard. That’s the general consensus, isn’t it? Whether they’re old or just kittens, dancing, falling, talking, scratching or just being fat and epic and not doing anything at all, cats are the most entertaining creatures on earth and half the planet loves them to death. The other half loves dogs, naturally. Today we’ve got a top ten of the best 2014 funny cat videos that went viral this year. You need drop everything you’re doing and to see then again right now on YouTube!

10. Cuteness Overload

Oh, Lord! The joy you must feel to have a cat jump in your arms like that. Just imagine doing the catch without smiling. You couldn’t do it, because you’re not a robot! I bet even Asimo would smile at this!

9. Cats Just Do It Better

Sure, a toddler is cute as a button in their little swing, but a cat is just much cuter and funnier. Just look at the fat cat in the swing, swinging like there was no tomorrow!

8. Just. No.

Whoever came up with the idea for this is an evil genius. I don’t know whether I should laugh or just watch it carefully for some magic to happen. Either way, cat Jasmine is stunning!

7. Cat Meets Newborn

This cat is acting the way 99% of all cats would act if faced with this situation. It approaches the newborn with care, it is very suspicious, it doesn’t like it, it moves away and then goes on the window sill. Job well done, cat!

6. Cats Give the Best Hugs

If your little heart does not melt after seeing this video of a cat hugging their owner, then I bet you either don’t have a heart or you really hate cats. People hate cats?! Wait, no! This can’t be real!

5. Cat, Interrupted

Doing Yoga or any other exercise routine at home with your cat is an exercise in itself. It takes lots of physical and mental strength just to keep your little furry friend away from your working out space. I bet they’re just curious as to why you’re twisting yourself like a pretzel when you could be taking a nap. I bet sometimes you’re wondering that yourself.

4. Let It Go, Human

This cat is trying to tell their owner something. And that something isn’t nice. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, but if you don’t have it, then you should just turn off the lights and let it go!

3. What You Deserve for Being a Carnivore

This video is absolutely stunning! Just watch carefully as the little chipmunk is so annoyed that instead of running for its life, it decides to go back and attack its attacker! That chipmunk has more guts than all the people I know put together!

2. Stop Trying so Much, Cat!

Classic cat mistake! Overthinking something is bad, and cats should start learning this if they want to make it in this cruel world. Just jump already!

1. Best Cat Video of 2014

Granted, this video is make super by the sound added to it, but still, the face of the cat looking in the mirror is something out of this world and incredibly funny. It has a bit of the age-old Dramatic Chipmunk in it.

Which one is your favorite YouTube video of cats? What is your favorite internet cat? Share your thoughts with us.


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