The Best Animal Memes Around

The 20th century has been really rather light on stunning inventions so far, hasn’t it?

As far I can see, the biggest signs of humankind’s progress and evolution so far have been phones that are marginally thinner than old ones, mugs that stir themselves and clothes that display tweets on them. Ah, what about funny animal memes, though? They are enough to make you happy to live in this century, surely.

The Flying Fish Meme

Best Animal Memes

This is a brilliant animal meme. Actually, it’s probably technically a bird and fish meme but you don’t want to go pulling me up on little points like that, do you? Can you imagine the terror and secret exhilaration of being pulled out of the water and up into the air? Then you get eaten. Probably not the best fairground ride in the world now that I think about it.

The Cat Stealing Meme

Best Animal Memes

I have little to no idea of what on Earth is going here. Sure, it looks as though a friendly raccoon is taking a small kitten out for a walk but can life ever be so simple?

The Confused Dog Meme

Best Animal Memes

We have all seen that utterly confused look on the face of a beloved pet, haven’t we? Even the simplest little everyday occurrence can be a huge and mystifying event for these chaps. Some of the best animal memes around show us that moment of total confusion when an animal simply can’t work out how the Universe operates.

The Cat Rescue Meme

Funny Animal Memes

Cats are wonderfully resourceful and independent animals. Until they aren’t. They can spend all week out rummaging for food, being overtly friendly with your neighbors and checking out the hot new cats in town. However, a chance encounter with a common household object and they need to come to you – somewhat resentfully – to ask for a tiny bit of help.

The Late Arriving Dog

Best Animal Memes

This cheerful dog was trying his very best to get thereon time but some annoying wooden piece of crap was in his way. Thankfully, he managed to battle his way through it and there he is, with a big smile on his face and a wrecked door all around him. Bless him.

The Lioness PMS Meme

Best Memes

It is nice to see that even a fearsome lion can suffer when the lady in his life gets to that time of the month. This guy isn’t going to be striking fear into anyone for a while.

The Mere Cat Meme

Best Animal Memes

Am I the only person who has nightmares about savaged by a pack of bloodthirsty meerkats? Quite possibly, eh? There’s just something about the way they stand up on their hind legs and look at you with their soulless eyes that freaks me out. In this funny animal meme a cat is imitating them quite brilliantly.

The Playful Dog Meme

Best Animal Memes

Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you aren’t there? Hell, they are letting their hair down and having the time of their lives. You are the one who spoils all the fun.

The Sorry to Bother You Meme

Best Animal Memes

This is one of the best animal memes I found, because of the brilliant look on the little squirrel’s face. You couldn’t let him go hungry, could you?

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