Best Call Me Maybe Spoofs

Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”

may well be the most overplayed song of the decade.  And in this case, we can’t even blame it on radio.  The culprits are everyday people, world leaders, famous Olympians, brands, television characters, and more.  In an effort to filter out the bad and highlight only the very best worst, we’ve provided you the top two Call Me Maybe Spoofs below.  Vote for the very best worst on the ThisBlogRules Facebook page.

Finalist #1.  Steve Kardynal (of shake weight fame) shakes his cross dressing bikini clad man hairy a** at a bevy of interested/scared/attracted/entertained audience members.

Finalist #2. Cookie Monster (yes, of Sesame Street), growls his way through “Share Me Maybe” in true kid friendly fashion.

Late entry!
Scantily clad Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.

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