Top 5 Best Dating Apps For Finding Your Special One

Now that you’re in shape thanks to our list of the best apps for losing weight, it’s time to do some serious dating. What better way to find someone in our age, than to look it on the internet? Thank god for smartphones and apps. It makes finding a date much easier and there is a great selection of decent dating apps put there. But since we only settle for the best, we’ve made the selection ourselves and tried all the dating apps for you. Here are the best dating apps for finding your significant other.

1. Tinder

tinder dating app

One of the best dating apps at the moment is, of course, Tinder. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely have to. It’s free to install, it’s compatible with Android and IOS and it’s super easy to use. All you have to do is log in to your Facebook account (it doesn’t work without a Facebook account) and Tinder will do the rest. It will select some of your photos and interests and you can browse anonymously to see if you can find someone you find attractive. When you do, you swipe right and if the person also liked you, you have a match. This means that you can start chatting and take it from there. The coolest thing about Tinder is that unless they like you back, no one will know that you liked them. This makes Tinder one of the best dating apps available at the moment. Start using it now.

2. OKCupid

okcupid dating app

If you want to hook up and you’ve tried every club in your city, with no satisfying results, you need to try dating apps. One of the best dating apps around is called OKCupid. This is actually the most popular dating app and one of the first ones for that matter. They first started as a dating site and moved on to smarpthones. You get to create your own profile, check out other profiles, rate them, answer quizzes and chat with potential dates. You can upload photos from your phone and update your profile with your latest selfie. OkCupid is free to download and it works on both Android and iOs phones and other smart devices.

3. Blendr

blendr dating app

If you have an Android or iOs phone, start downloading and install Blendr. It’s one of the best dating apps that require you to have a Facebook account so that it can upload pictures on the Blendr account. Blendr shows you potential matches based on mutual interests like music, books or films. You can also chat with the ones you like and set up a date. You never know, right? Splendid love stories await for you out there so give it a try. There’s nothing to lose.

4. Plenty of Fish

plenty of fish dating app

There are plenty of fish in the water for everyone. This dating app has a great and accurate name. Plenty of Fish is one of the biggest and the best dating apps on the internet. It began as a dating site and moved to smartphones. This dating app lets you create your own profile, browse to see any potential matches and message them. Plenty of Fish is free to download and it works with iOs and Android.

5. Grindr

grindr gay app

One of the best dating apps for gay and bisexual guys is Grindr. You can download it for free on your Android or iOs device and start flirting with nearby guys. It’s a cool way to meet guys and set up dates. You can message them and exchange pictures. Grindr has become the most popular dating apps for gay and bisexual guys all over the world. Download it and good luck!






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