Best Horror Games You Should Try Right Now

Some would say it’s an acquired taste, but there’s just something unbelievably compelling about a good horror game. It goes beyond a movie by immersing you completely into the story. You never knew how much a game can affect you, how much you grow to care about the characters, and how much you want the mystery solved. But will they all survive?

There are several factors that would make a video game title qualify for a good quality experience. There are tremendous amounts of them out there, but here is a list of the best horror games you should try right now because the gaming community is still praising them. Their impact is still fresh on our mind, and we simply cannot wait for more. They get your heart pounding and your mind racing.


screenshot of outlast

Because who wouldn’t want to wander around a nearly destroyed asylum up in the mountains? Developed by Red Barrels Studio and released in 2013, Outlast is still on the tongue of horror game enthusiasts. And for good reason. The main point of this game is its utter tension and complete feeling of hopelessness because there is nothing you can do to fight back. That’s right, you go in, and then you have to hide or run.

The game isn’t shown through cutscenes or features complex character development. In fact, the entire story is told through discussions found within the asylum. You are in the shoes of a reporter, heading inside to investigate the odd occurrences in the building. By the time you realize that you’re in what was essentially a house of torture and experimentation, it’s too late. Not to mention the fact that you’re watching it all through the lens of your camera, all geared with creepy night vision.

Did we mention that among the crazed and weird patients hunting you down, you also have to worry about batteries? If you’ve already played it, fret not. Outlast 2 is coming this year, with a different character and different setting, but the same universe of this stealth horror game.

Until Dawn

screenshot of until dawn

Developer Supermassive Games was well aware of all the horror clichés. You have a bunch of high schoolers in an old mansion up in the cold mountains. And, of course, they are not alone. The beauty of this survival horror game is in its story and the fact that your sole job is to be quick. Do you hate the dumb and illogical choices characters makes in horror movies? Well, this is your chance to show what you would do in the situation.

Until Dawn is highly re-playable because your choices affect how the story ends. It depends on what you choose and how you decide each character’s fate. Will they all survive to the end? Or will they all die horribly due to bad choices that weren’t well thought out? And, yes, you can save them all, as long as you think it through. Even though it’s a PlayStation exclusive that was released in 2015, Until Dawn has an exceptional way of throwing horror clichés at you in a way that will still scare and excite you.

The story is captivating, and you will grow to care about the characters. It will make you want to try over and over again until you save them all. In fact, Until Dawn 2 could be on the way, probably with more twists and turns to come of this survival horror game.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

screenshot of five nights at freddy's

Here, have some nightmares. Published by Scott Cawthon, this indie survival horror game really grabbed the attention of the gaming community. You may have seen many gamers on YouTube featuring their gameplay of this simple yet surprisingly creepy game. It was released recently, in January of this year, and has had around five different parts already published. There is simplicity in its beauty and entertainment value.

Five Nights at Freddy’s places the player in what is basically the worst job ever. Or a similar situation, depending on which one you choose. You are isolated in one room, with a few options around to turn on some dim lights and close doors. Why? Because there are toys or mascots, as innocent as that sounds, that come to life at night to kill you. All you have to do is survive. But you’ll have to watch creepy video cameras with your laptop and to listen for steps or heavy breathing.


screenshot of soma game

From the developers that brought you Amnesia and revolutionized the genre, SOMA really is a title you should try out. It’s not about being scared out of your mind, even though it has its fair share of that, but about the human condition itself. It makes you ponder, and think about various moral choices, along with quite a few depressing themes. Be it suicide or the harsh reality of humanity, SOMA is a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you drained.

The game is a beautiful example that horror games can be smart and bring out more than just fear out of you. As you explore the underwater research facility that has been all but destroyed, you will encounter “living creatures”, puzzles, and a good amount of creepy moments that might have you pause the game for a mental break now and then. SOMA was released toward the end of 2015, and the gaming community is already asking for a sequel.

Layers of Fear

layers of fear screenshot

Freshly released in February of this year, Layers of Fear will take you on a creepy journey throughout your own house. It’s not a survival title nor is it stealth. Unlike others on this list, Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game done in a Dorian Gray-style. It’s all about the experience. The player is set in the shoes of a painter, battling a block of inspiration in the darkest ways possible. His masterpiece has not yet been completed, and let’s just say his mind is not all there.

You will venture through your own house, etched with horrid memories and watch your character’s descent into madness. The game has visually spectacular moments that will slowly build the painter’s past. There are mysteries to be solved of what happened to his family, and some terrifying truths you find out about yourself. It may not have received the greatest reviews, but it’s an interesting experience that is more about going through a creepy story than running for your life.

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