Top 9 Best Katy Perry Music Videos

Katy Perry fans, today we are thinking of you so we have put together some of the best Katty Perry music videos that you can enjoy.

For someone to be able to make a top of some of the best music videos out there, several things should be taken into consideration, from the story behind the clip, the correlation between the music video and the song or production cost.

Here are some of the best Katy Perry music videos that have a great connection between lyrics and production of the video.

1. Firework

katy perry music videoFirework is definitely one of the best out of all Katy Perry music videos, not only because of the way the video was directed but also because of the deep meaning of the song. People sometimes need someone to make them feel important and they need a sparkle of self-confidence and Firework, through its music and the video does just that. You can watch the music video here.

2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

katy perry music videoA teenage Katy Perry throwing a huge party and evolving from a nerdy kid to the hottest girl there, this is the description of one of the most colorful music videos by Katy Perry. Again, take a breath and believe in yourself that in the end, there is nothing wrong with you, there is just something wrong with people’s perception. Last Friday Night can be listened and watched here.

3. Roar

katy perry music videoThe Kary Perry new music video Roar describes how a woman can be perfectly okay without the constant help of a man. Make the best out of every situation you encounter and trust yourself. The Katy Perry Roar Official music video can be watched here.

4. E.T. feat Kanye West

katy perry music videoE.T. – Extraterrestrial may be considered an old Katy Perry music video since it first came out a couple of years ago. However, the outfits and makeup in the video are really good and it’s definitely worth checking out. Watch E.T. here.

5. I Kissed A Girl

katy perry music videoWhen Katy Perry was just a pretty new face on TV she managed to break the ice with ‘I kissed a girl’- a sexy, mesmerizing music video that still impresses the male and female audiences alike, even if so many years have passed since its release. Watch I Kissed a Girl on youtube, here.

6. California Gurls

katy perry music videoCalifornia Girls is undeniably Katy Perry’s sexiest music video. I mean, who does not like girl and candy? Visit the Wonderland of your dreams and watch Katy showing off her body and voice assets by clicking here.

7. Peacock

katy perry music videoWatch Katy Perry perform an entire choreography in a sexy outfit in Peacock. Enjoy the moves, song, and melody and have a good time! You can see a Letterman live performance here.

8. The One That Got Away

katy perry music videoThe One That Got Away music video is made for all of us who have lost someone and keep wondering how life would have turned out if they would still be on our side. Another plus that this music video has comes from the make-up department; as they did a pretty good job of making Katy look a couple of decades older. Watch The One That Got Away here.

9. Hot N Cold

katy perry music video
Ah, who doesn’t remember Katy in the earliest of her career? Hot N Cold was one of her first music videos that went viral and shows the story of a bride with a broken heart but with several other brides who can help her get over it. Don’t mess with your bride or else she might turn into Bridezilla, just like Katy did in Hot N Cold. You can also find a version of Hot N Cold played on Sesame Street with Elmo, here.

Summing Up

Even though the music industry nowadays can be quite rough, as there are a lot of young performers out there struggling to make a future in music, Katy Perry managed to get successful and stay up on the ladder of greatness.

It is not enough to only have a pretty face and the ability to move your body when it comes to singing. The most important thing is to touch people’s hearts with your songs and Katy often manages to do it.

As you might have noticed in this Katy Perry music videos list, we tried to emphasize Katy’s most beautiful performances in terms of singing, music lyrics, stunning performances or great appearances.

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