Best of the Horror Movie Killers

In the world of Horror, you will probably be faced with tripping and falling, screaming, hiding and getting caught, seeing a mouse, being chased by a mutated figure that won’t talk even though you are asking them why they are doing this, meeting friends at a secluded part of the woods at a cabin owned by one of the groups parents who are out of town, and finally, certain death.

Horror movie killers have many different backgrounds. From supernatural beings to just a regular human being who wants revenge on those who he considers wronged him. These killers also have distinct personalities from the other. One may be a stalking mute (Jason Vorhees), while the other may be an outgoing playboy (American Psycho). One thing is for sure, the killing style and body count are what draws people in to their world. No one will invest their time into a killer who doesn’t want to kill. The more brutal death scene the better. Blood is what the spectator wants and with this list of killers, they will surely get what they want.


Horror Movie Killers and Carrie White

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1. Aliens 201

2. Jason Voorhees 125

3. Jack Griffin (The Invisible Man) 122

4. Killer Klowns From Outer Space 120

5. Michael Myers 81

6. The Tall Man 79

7. Carrie White 76

8. Lord Crumb & His Army (Bad Taste) 75

9. The Knoxes (Natural Born Killers) 74

Horror Movie Killers and Jack Frost

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10. Children of the Corn 72

11. Jack Frost 66

12. Damien Thorn 62

13. Predator 57

14. The Blob 51

15. Horace Pinker (Shocker) 50

16. The “Its” (It’s Alive series) 45

17. Angela Baker (Sleepaway Camp) 45

18. The Hidden 42

19. The Outsiders (Watchers series) 41

20. Johnny Bartlett (The Frighteners) 40

Source: Horror Movie Survival Guide

Jason Vorhees (Friday The 13th)

Horror Movie Killers and Jason Vorhees

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Young Jason vorhees drown when the Camp Crystal Lake camp counselors ignored his desperate pleas for help as he went under the water. The camp was closed due to this tragic accident. A few years later, after the events were pushed aside in the minds of the people in the area, Crystal Lake reopened with new hopes of creating a kid friendly atmosphere. Sadly, Jason’s mom was waiting to exact revenge and kill everyone that she felt were responsible for the death of her son. Mrs. Vorhees was killed at the end of the movie by the surviving female, Annie by beheading. The second installment of Friday The 13th featured the first time Jason Vorhees was seen after his drowning. He wore a sack over his head with one eye hole cut from it. He kills Annie at the beginning of the movie thus starting his reign of terror for many years.

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Horror Movie Killers and Freddy Krueger

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Fred Krueger was a child molester and killer that happened to live on Elm Street years ago. Before he could be caught by authorities, the families of the murdered children found him and burned him alive. He returned. He didn’t return in the normal way, as a zombie or a gross figment of his former self, Freddy returned in your dreams! He would prey on the kids of Elm Street and their friends. When you fell asleep, Freddy would turn your dreams into nightmares. Whether he used you as a marionette or sent you into a video game to be chased by the bad guy, if you died in your dreams, you died in real life. Freddy was so bad, his dad was Alice Cooper. (More about Nightmare on Elm Street )

The Shape/Michael Myers (Halloween)

Horror Movie Killers and The Shape

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The original Halloween movie featured The Shape as the murderous man in Haddonfield, Illinois. Michael Myers kills his sister in their family home when he was six. He was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium until breaking out during a transport as an adult. No one knows it’s him at first. That’s how the name The Shape comes into play. Dr. Sam Loomis finds out the escaped patient is Michael Myers and that’s how he is identified. Michael kills everyone in his path to get to his sister, Laurie Strode, who was adopted as an infant. Halloween ran for ten movies as Michael just kept killing. Was he ever stopped? No one knows for sure. (Here’s a list of Michael Myers Murders.)

Leatherface ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Horror Movie Killers and Leatherface

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Arguably the scariest of the horror movie characters, Leatherface was a deranged human being. Maybe that’s why he was so scary. His character was loosely based off of the real-life murderer and cannibal Ed Gein. Leatherface loved to sew skin from his victims together to make masks that he could wear. With his trusty chainsaw in hand, Leatherface would protect his Texas farmhouse from intruders by slaughtering them like cattle. His family was worse than he was. They would torture young victims by making them eat their friends for dinner and playing games with their pieces. During it’s 1974 release, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was banned in several countries and many theatres in the United States for it’s gratuitous violence.

Jigsaw (Saw)

Horror Movie Killers and Jigsaw

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Jigsaw was, at first, a puppet that seeked out people who abused the seven deadly sins. He would use their sins against them in a series of “games” of life and death. Jigsaw was later revealed to be a human being named John Kramer behind this deadly game. Jigsaw used devices such as “head traps” and timers to make the tortured participants rush to figure out different solutions to break free of the traps, or die. There were seven installments of the Saw series, each one sicker than the last. Jigsaw was a late bloomer when it came to horror movie characters, but his macabre style has ranked him among the best at what he does, murder.

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