Top 5 Best Smartwatches of 2014 (So Far)

Move over smartphones, there are more sophisticated devices around. Those devices are called smartwatches and they plan to take over the world by replacing the regular watches, phones and even laptops. They think big, we know, but these cool devices could be the next best thing for tech lovers. As it is the case with some smart devices, you don’t really have a use for them, but you must definitely have them. This year, we have seen the release of several smartwatches but not all of them are memorable. Here are the best smartwatches of 2014:

1. Apple Watch

apple watch

A little while back the tech world has welcomed one of the most anticipated smart devices of this year, the Apple Watch. It has received mixed reviews since its release but most tech lovers agree that this is one of the best smartwatches of 2014. This wearable piece of gadgetry costs $349 and it looks amazing. Apple, as always, has done it again. It’s the perfect combination of looks and brains. It’s highly customizable, features a touchscreen, acts like a heart monitor and a NFC system with which you can make payments right from the comfort of your wrist. If you ever dreamed of sharing your heartbeat (literally) with your special one, now it’s your chance. The Apple Watch is the most expensive smartwatch on our list but it looks great and does its job.

2. Pebble Steel

pebble steel smartwatch

One of the best smartwatches of 2014 is, of course, the Pebble Steel. What makes this smartwatch so special, you might ask? First of all, it has an all-metal exterior, Gorilla glass display and it’s more high-end than the previous model. This one looks really sophisticated with its matte black or brushed stainless appearance. You can also choose which band to have: a metal one or the classy leather band. Either way, they look great around the wrist. On the software side, the Pebble Steel smartwatch has the E Ink display (this allows it a long battery life) and an intuitive UI. You can store more than 1,000 apps on it and it’s compatible with iOS and Android phones.

3. Moto 360

moto 360 smartwatch

You probably heard about the Moto 360 smartwatch because it’s actually one of the best smartwatches of 2014. This classy-yet-modern-looking watch comes in a stainless steel design, with a 320x290p display. It runs on Google’s Android Wear OS and it supports Google’s voice commands, you get the Google Now alerts and the notifications from your smartphone. The Moto 360 has a Gorilla Glass 3 display and it’s also water proof. You also get a heart rate monitor and you can recharge it wirelessly. You can choose either the stainless steel or the classy leather band.

4. Samsung Gear 2

samsung gear smartwatch

Samsung Gear 2 looks like some gadget from a modern spy movie. You can actually speak to your watch and it will understand you and follow your commands. How cool is that? Samsung Gear 2 has a built-in microphone and speaker that allow you to make and take calls from your wrist. The phrase “talk to the hand” has just got a new meaning now. You can also use your voice to look up things on the internet like the weather or you personal contacts. Samsung Gear 2 also  features an integrated camera and a heart rate monitor.

5. Samsung Gear Fit

samsung gear fit smart watch

What makes this cool looking smart device one of the best smartwatches of 2014 is that it has a curved Amoled display and it does more than show notifications like email and Facebook. The Samsung Gear Fit has a heart monitor which will help you with your exercises. With the Samsung Gear Fit you can track distance and sleep and helps you with those weight loss exercises.





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