The Best Travel Photos Ever Taken

One of the best things about travelling is the selection of photos you take. Or at least it should be. If you take the same sort of blurry, boring snaps as me then here are some travel photos which show us how it should be done.

San Francisco, USA

Best Travel Photos and San Francisco, USA

There is something magical about this photo, isn’t there? It is really pretty simple but the photographer has captured it beautifully. Like all of the best travel photos, it really makes me want to be there and go for a stroll to see what lies further ahead. Probably just more lanterns, I guess.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Best Travel Photos and Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is a fantastic image of a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. I love the colours and the shapes in this photo.

Venice, Italy

Best Travel Photos and Venice, Italy

I have seen lots of different tourist photos of Venice over the years but never one quite like this one. If feels like we are seeing a side to the famous city which isn’t normally shown.

Pomerania, Poland

Best Travel Photos and Pomerania, Poland

This is a weird picture of a lake surrounded by a forest in Poland. The colours and the forms just make it look simply amazing. It made the cut as one of the National Geographic’s best travel photos of 2013 and it is easy to see why.

Canadian Rockies, Canada

Canadian Rockies, Canada

This one of those photos which looks so amazing you can’t believe they are real. This is in the Canadian Rockies and I simply can’t imagine standing there and looking at this view.

Lyon Lantern Festival, France

Best Travel Photos and Lyon Lantern Festival, France

Apparently there is a lantern festival in Lyon. And this is it. It looks like all the lanterns hung around this lovely French city gives it a very special and intimate feel, which is something this photo captures to perfection.

Mount Everest, Nepal

Best Travel Photos and Mount Everest, Nepal

This is an incredible photo of the biggest mountain on the planet. It is another from the fantastic list of National Geographic’s best travel photos of last year. Can you imagine sitting here as night falls and looking up across at the enormous mountain over there? This is the kind of experience which travelling is all about and this snap sums it up.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Best Travel Photos and Blue Lagoon, Iceland

There are many spectacular photos of Iceland, thanks to its unique and fascinating landscape. However, I choose this one because it is fun as well as interesting. The ladies appear to be waitresses serving blue drinks to tourists in a thermal pool, which is probably a normal sort of thing in Iceland.

Skye, Scotland

Best Travel Photos and Skye, Scotland

This is a very special place for me, so don’t go comparing this photo unfavourably with the other ones on the list. I grew up not too far away from here but live on the other side of the world now. It is amazing how seeing a travel photo like this can make lump appear in your throat from out of nowhere. Ahem, time to move on.


Best Travel Photos and Malaysia

I don’t know much about this photo but I do know that it shows people in Malaysia collecting tea leaves. The strange thing is that people who live there probably see picking tea leaves as a boring kind of everyday thing. To a travel hungry dude like me it looks almost unbearably exotic.

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