Top 10 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2017

For those of you who are tired of looking for the fanciest and prettiest clothes for Christmas, there’s an entire industry dedicated to ugly Christmas sweaters. Right before the ‘90s, this was a very fashionable way of expressing your love (or hate) towards the winter holidays. The first Christmas sweaters were first made in the 80s, under the name jingle bell sweaters. Now the trend is up again. Love them or hate them, here are the best ugly Christmas sweaters you need to try this season!

10. Digital Crackling Fireplace Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters digital fireplace

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As opposed to the classic ugly sweater, in 2017 we can enjoy some digital ones. A sweater is no longer just a plain old sweater, but a tool to get into the digital world. The newest generation of Christmas sweaters needs a smartphone if you want to enjoy it completely. You can buy it online, download a free app, place the phone in the special cutout and then watch the fire coming alive.

9. “Baa Humbug” Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters baa humbug sweater

We know sheep aren’t that customary around Christmas, but who says you can’t wear one on one of the best ugly Christmas sweaters this season? The green background comes together with white snowflakes and a big sheep with a Christmas hat in the center. Below, you can see the words ‘Baa Humbug” written in black. You can even hear the words if you press a special button found on the T-shirt. You can buy it online for $22.

8. Cynical Sweatshirt

best ugly Christmas sweaters for the presents sweater

Want to show your cynical side this Christmas? Try the cynical sweatshirt here, which is a good alternative to the classic sweater. It comes in a neutral color, with a snowflake and a Santa hat drawn on it. In the middle, you can also see the message ‘In it for the presents’. It’s easy to order it online and give it to someone you love. Or not.

7. 3D Moose Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters moose sweater

If you really want to choose the best of the best ugly Christmas sweaters available on the market, try the 3D moose one. The price online will be a little higher ($68), but the effect will be totally worth it. This sweater combines the two colors typical for Christmas, red and white. But what’s even more impressive is the plush moose attached to the front and back of the sweater. It might be a good idea if you have children invited to your party.

6. Stocking Stuffer Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters stocking sweater

Yet another interesting option and one of the best ugly Christmas sweaters you should consider is the stocking stuffer sweater. It has a big Christmas stocking placed on the front, where you can keep a bottle of wine. It may not be recommended for your office party, but it can surely help you get through the reunion with all the relatives this season. It comes with horizontal white and green stripes, complete with some red decorations on the sleeves.

5. Drinking Game Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters drinking game sweater

For those of you who are big fans of drinking games, why not combine this with your love for sweaters? It comes together with six Velcro balls that stick to the sweater if you throw them. Moreover, you will also receive a rule card that explains how you should play the game. You can order it online, but the price is also higher than that of regular ugly Christmas sweaters.

4. Whoopi Goldberg’s Separated at Birth Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters whoopi goldberg sweater

The ‘90s kids surely remember the charming actress who made you spend hours in front of the TV. Now, she has her own suggestions for holidays and deserves a place on our list of the best ugly Christmas sweaters you need to try. She sealed a deal with Zappos for her 2017 clothes ideas, which means you can order one of her creations online. This is quite a simple sweater that comes with two illustrations, one of a typical elf, and the other of a man celebrating Hanukah. The two are joined together by a string of Christmas lights.

3. Rick and Morty Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters Rick and Morty sweater

For those of you who are fans of the popular TV show, a Rick and Morty sweater is a great idea to show it. Made in the typical style of the ugly Christmas sweaters, it depicts Rick and Morty together with Santa Claus. There is also a Christmas wish that says ‘Happy human holidays!’. Naturally, the price is slightly high ($95), but you can be sure you’re celebrating Christmas in style.

2. Harry Potter Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweaters Harry Potter sweater

Legend has it you’re not nice if you don’t belong to at least one fandom. For those who chose the Harry Potter one as their go-to fandom, we have a nice surprise. The Harry Potter ugly sweater comes with all the elements that scream ‘I’m a Harry Potter fan’. You’ll find there his glasses, Hedwig, the wand, the Golden Snitch, his Patronus, and much more. You can order it online for $57, but hey, no price is too high to help you show you belong to the largest fandom ever, right?

1. Naughty or Nice Sweater for Two People

best ugly Christmas sweaters naughty or nice sweater

Whether you work with your brother and sister in the same office, or you just want to team up with a coworker for this Christmas party, this is a great idea. It is a giant sweater with only two sleeves. On one half, you will see that it’s written ‘I’ve been nice’, while on the other it says ‘I’ve been naughty’. It’s the typical ugly sweater that combines colors such as white, red, and green, with a snowflake pattern. You can buy it at an accessible price, and even more so if you think you can split the cost with your sweater mate. Now you only need to decide who was naughty and who was nice.

Summing Up!

However, these aren’t the only options you can find on the market. There are plenty of ideas and alternatives suitable for every taste. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you are conveying the Christmas spirit in one way or another. Don’t be a Grinch and choose one of the best ugly Christmas sweaters around!

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