Best and Worst Collections on the Spring Runway this Year

Fashion has always been a strange thing. With every year, a new trend emerges to contradict the beliefs of last year, and nobody seems to have a problem with that. Five years ago women would rather die than wear stiletto shoes, but this spring they are the hottest accessory. With fashion only one thing is certain, and that is that nothing is certain. Trends change once every season, and fashion designers are doing all they can to come up with newer, bolder, and unusual collections. Let’s take a look at the best and worst collections. Mind you, that we are judging from a buyer’s point of view, not a professional one.


1. Rick Owens


Aren’t you sick and tired of the same 17-year old skinny models that prance around the runway wearing fine silk and mini-skirts? Of course nothing could ever look bad on them because they have the body of a goddess. Studies have shown that more than 60% of the female population is a size M+, so the image created by major fashion houses doesn’t really sit well with the current demographics. Rick Owens created what some people considered a breath of fresh air. He said F#$K MODELS, and brought to the stage strong, hot, curvy women. His collection included monastic headwear, sneakers and easy short dresses.

2. Chanel


Chanel has always managed to inspire and amaze on the runway, and this spring’s collection was no excuse. Karl’s post-appropriationist runway was dedicated to anyone that loves art. His designs are characterized by an artsy-nonchalance, vivid colors and play-faux artwork. The only question that remains is: will Contemporary Art Daily become the new street wear blog?

3. Simone Rocha

3 0If you enjoyed Gossip Girl, and Blair’s amazing wardrobe you will definitely adore the collection by Simone Roche. Her spring collection portrays an uptown conservatism with dark, messy accents for the rebellious rich kid. The most amazing thing about her collection are the details on the half sewn skirts, cocktail dresses etc. Of course, there is also a tiny bit of nudity (exposed nipples, legs etc) and naughty lingerie.


1. Tom Ford


There have been so many fails on the fashion runways that it is hard to keep count. However, Tom Ford’s immense fail this spring will not soon be forgotten. His collection was a lame attempt to a glamorous new trend, but it was so poorly constructed and unoriginal that nobody will like it, except of course tasteless women with a mid-life crisis. We may be no experts in the fashion world, but who would ever hit the streets wearing that costume?

2. Thom Browne

2 1When I saw this collection on the runway the first thing I thought was that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is receiving a tribute. Much was my surprise when I was told that it is just another one of Thom Browne’s extravagant collections. It’s actually quite sad because Tom managed to come up with some great collections in the past. However, the maniac black models, and extremely bizarre skirt suits were not the ideal choice for this spring collection.

3. Comme des Garcons

thomebrownePersonally, I appreciate a fashion experiment here and there, and I was particularly taken by Rei Kawakubo’s previous collections. Nevertheless, 23 redundant, stuffed, structurally unsound handmade garments and dresses presented on the spring runway did not impress me at all. Sure, it may be difficult to come up with something amazing at every collection, but some of these accessories are so meaningless that they will never stand.

Many may argue that fashion is a form of art, so it deserves extravagant, sumptuous and jaw-dropping designs. While this may be true, most clothes are usually design to be worn by real people, so fashion designers should tone it down a little next year.


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