The Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

When you think about it, drive thrus were designed to make life easier for us. So why is it that ordering a burger from the driver’s seat looks so difficult for the people in these drive thru fails?

The Drive In Fail

Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

Excuse me sir. Just because it says “Drive Thru Open” on the window doesn’t mean that you need to drive through the flaming window. On second thought, just parking the vehicle and walking in to place the order would have been a lot easier, wouldn’t it have been?

The Badly Spelled Fail

Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

What is it that causes normal people to lose all of their spelling skills once they start working in a drive thru restaurant? In this case, the writer has managed a hugely impressive strike rate with their badly spelled words. It’s also the first time that I have seen please and window spelt so badly in such a creative and frankly weird way. Well done, dude.

The Wheelchair Drive Thru Fail

Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

I guess that one of the advantages to using a wheelchair is that you get to use the drive thru window if the other queue is too long. This hungry chap just wheeled right in there and in a matter of seconds he’ll be making his order to the spiker and getting his food from the windong.

The Trot Thru

Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

I like this approach. Sure, you’re out there going for a gallop on your equine buddy like you do every single freaking day of the week. Wait a minute, though. Is that the horse making the rumbling noise or are you really hungry and in need of a greasy burger? Every good horse rider knows that a drive thru is as good on four hooves as it is on four wheels. Just remember to buy the horse an ice cream or something.

The Collapsed Drive Thru Fail

Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

What in the name of the Lord’s sweet Earth happened here? Someone just demolished the entire Dairy Queen drive thru. I have no idea how you could even do that but trying must be good fun. I wonder if the whole structure came crashing down before or after he ordered his meal.

The Drive Thru Parking Fail

Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

What? Let me try and get my head round this. If I use the drive thru then I can go and park my car and eat my calorie laden junk food behind the wheel. However, if I want to get my lazy butt out of the car and actually eat inside the restaurant then I can’t park the car outside in order to do this? Am I the only person seeing a flaw in this whole parking strategy?

The Drive Thru Buffet

Best and Worst Drive Thru Fails

Have you ever eaten in a drive thru buffet? It sounds insane, messy and strangely life affirming all at the same time. Let’s picture the scene if we can. You hang onto the wheel with one hand while your other hand flails wildly at hot trays filled with tempting delights. Of course, if you go here with the kids then there is the added problem of tiny people clambering all over you and trying to get at the bounty on offer. I really like the sound of this idea.

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