The Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

There are basically two great things about being a superhero; the outfit and the vehicle. Having said that, not all superhero vehicles are as cool as you might think.

The Batmobile

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

If there is to be an undisputed champion of superhero vehicles, I reckon that it has to be the Batmobile. This is the car that is so cool that people have tried to build their own versions of it. The vehicles used in movies sell for millions. What you might not know is that Batman once also had a less glamorous and less speedy Flying Batcave at one point. It sucked.

Hong Kong Phooey’s Vehicle

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

You know, I just can’t work out if this is one of the best superhero vehicles ever created or one of the worst. As a kid I used to love the Number One Super Guy and I would have given anything to ride the mild mannered janitor’s car. It was called the Phooeymobile. It could turn into a boat or a plane or even, for some strange reason, a phone booth. However, when I look at it now it seems just a bit silly. Could I really imaging myself driving around in the Phooeymobile. Frankly, yes I could.

The Fantasticar

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

The Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar is, well, fantastic. Early versions of it looked suspiciously like a hollowed out bar of soap or a tissue box but it improved over the years and is now one of the best superhero vehicles in the whole wide world of crime fighters.

The Spidermobile

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

Did you even know that Spiderman once had a car? I had no idea about this vehicle until just now. The story around it is kind of weird, as old Spidey was behind on his rent and got approached by a couple of advertising executives to advertise a car. Due to his financial problems our hero agreed but then he realised that he had to build the vehicle as well. What? How does that even work? I can’t work out if this is a great car or a terrible one but if Spiderman came on the TV offering a car he had built then I would probably buy it.

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

Back in the bad old days when Wonder Woman wasn’t very powerful she needed a way of getting around. Being too darned lazy to build her own car, someone gave her her own invisible jet. As the name perhaps suggests, this was a jet and it was completely invisible. In the pictures I’ve seen of it, the plane is invisible but Wonder Woman can be clearly seen, which makes is seem both incredibly cool and a little bit stupid at the same time.

The X-Men’s Blackbird

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

If you need to get somewhere in a hurry then you need the Blackbird. It has changed a lot over the years but remains a brilliant superhero vehicle. It’s probably a bit too fast and scary for me to fly if I’m being honest.

The Hulk Copter

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

Apparently the Hulk has got himself a copter. Good for him. Our giant green buddy doesn’t look like he would be the best helicopter pilot in the world but if there’s a toy of it for sale on the internet then it must be true.

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