Bike helmets have never been more fun

head-hear-helmetThe Russian advertising company “Good” has created this funny ad showing different helmet designs, like for example diamonds, a globe, different kinds of balls and even body parts. Imagine how cool it would be if someone really produced helmets like these.

The same company has also printed a set of interesting images on ping pong rackets. Another fun advertisement is the one that is representing lego blocks with meaningful shadows.

woman-hear-helmet bold-head-helmetbrain-helmettennis-ball-helmet pool-ball-helmet golf-ball-helmet bowling-ball-helmet waterlemon-helmet helmet-nut globe-helmet disco-helmet brain-helmetdesign-helmet bike-helmettable-tennis-head table-tennis-handracket-meat-egg paddle-racket


  1. Yes, me too @Ole Jacob! I’m going to reblog at my TypePad blog, Curious Ellie’s Annex, the blog owner allows? I will give attribution, of course.

  2. Fake. Look at the globe one. Why would they make 3 of them for one photo shoot? The nipples move as you turn the helmet??

  3. Several years back I had the idea for Willie and Billy helmets, motorcycle helmets with hair. One would have the signature Willie Nelson braids, and the other would have the Billy Ray Cyrus mullet!

  4. Take one (or more) of the “head” helmets, combine that with the “brain” helmets add a little blood. Now THAT would be AWESOME!!!!

  5. I dont think these exist. Looks like the decoration just got added on with photoshop because on some of those helms the prints dont match up

  6. fake? the text states clearly that it’s just an advert without a realistic product.
    russian? wtf? .kz stands for kazakhstan, the Borat’s origin.
    nice idea though!

  7. Great ideas and pics, but READ the txt >>>
    “Imagine how cool it would be ‘if someone really produced’ helmets like these”

  8. OK I’m officially freaked out now! These bike helmets have never been crazier

  9. “Imagine how cool it would be if someone really produced helmets like these.”
    You CAN’T buy them.

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