Bizarre tradition with cheese in UK

uk cheese9Cheese chasers risk serious injury for the chance of winning a muddied cheese at the bottom of a slippery hill.Many countries boast bizarre traditions and the annual Cheese Rolling at Cooper’s Hill is one of the most spectacular and hazardous of rural English customs.Several people were sent to hospital during the event, in which the participants roll, slide and tumble down the hill.

uk cheese5uk cheese6 uk cheese4 uk cheese3 uk cheese2 uk cheese1 uk cheese8uk cheese7 The race attracts people from around the world, and has been run in the same spot for 200 years. The winner of each of four races gets to keep the double Gloucester cheese.


  1. That’s hilarious.

    And look at all the people doing smileys just because it tells you how at the bottom!


  2. Hmmm, I might be good at that, although I’d have to ignore the rule on the mountain – never run headlong downhill.

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