Books have never been more alive

book-lobster Robert The is an artist that transforms ordinary books into funny shapes by cutting them. The shapes are everything from lobsters and scorpions to guns and cakes. They are still books but the content is unreadable, so they function only as art, or more precisely modern art.

Robert The, that is also a mathematician, has made these bizarre creations for many years, and you can see his works in several private collections in modern museums.

scorpion-book leaf-book hole-book gun-book chain-books cake-book bug-book broom-book a-book Books have been used by many other artists, like Mike Stilkey; he is using the spines of stacked books to create beautiful art.


  1. I agree, wish I could read the content, but the books looks hilarious that way, especially the broom, imagine dusting with that!

  2. Barbie, that is a perfect name for your comment. Hopefully your looks match your name so that you will never have to use your intelligence for survival in the real world.

  3. I really hope that was sarcasm Barbie. Otherwise I can only agree with Jeez-US. Having said that, girls so stupid and good looking certainly serve a purpose, after all what would we do without bars.

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