8 Brilliant and Unique Business Cards Designs

Do people still make use of business cards as they used to? Hell yes! If anything still bears the magic stories printed on paper can tell about us, then that’s a groovy business card with a unique design that speaks about our authenticity.

Designers today explore various new mediums when it comes to building templates for business cards and often surprise us with astonishing, remarkable tiny art works that are ready to be placed in a case and delivered or handed over to prospect partners, customers or peers.

Here’s a bunch of the most creative business cards made today and a list of ideas and recommendations to use them for the best:

8. Love at first sight


Surprise your potential future clients with awe-inspiring snapshots of your portfolio imprinted into analogue small wonders. Provided by moo.com, this super cute, nostalgic, yet comprehensive way to showcase your work right in front of your customers allows you to print several images on sets of 3 to 6 different cards in a pack of 100.

Works great for: photographers, make-up artists, hair dressers, fashion stylists and designers.

7. Send compliments


Apple used these to recruit plenty of their personal. Other than that, complimenting people when you have no idea how else to approach them is a great technique. These cards speak for themselves and instead of having you fish for compliments, they may actually help you score in a higher book.

Works great for: Public Relations, Advertising, Online Key Opinion Leaders and Business Advisors

6. A sweetened approach


Don’t sweat over funky details. If you’re into delivering something tasty, that speaks volumes of your business but also claims you’re imaginative, creative and graphic, make your business cards literally unravel that vibe. Cardboard may trick you into tasting these delicious biscuit like cards, but if you’re really an artisan, you can go for dough and the real deal.

Works great for: cafes, restaurants, cake and pastry businesses, food bloggers.

5. Stand up for yourself


Be clear about your intentions, act like a winner and before they know you’ve had them at hello. David Sjunnesson created these unique and awesome design for business cards displaying a pop-out figure that will surprise all your potential customers. Aim higher and higher!

Works great for: real estate entrepreneurs, public speakers, bloggers and counselors

4. Like a rolling stone


Roll smoothly with these funky business cards in the shape of skate boards designed by JukeBoxPrint for Powell Peralta. They’re nonetheless unique, inspirational and the type of cards that make a break through statement about the person who hands them.

Works great for: creatives.

3. Show them your fun side


Business may be about give and take, but at its core it’s human and, well, fun. Bring out the smile upon anyone’s face with a statement that shows you have a sense of humor and combines wit with your surprising skills and experience.

Works great for: anyone who’s confident and laid back enough to master excellent people’s skills

2. Be flexible


Display the asset all employers and future partners are looking into: flexibility. Stretch out your capacity to apply to a wide array of situations and materialize that into a statement that speaks out for you.

Works great for: new business, personal training, life coaching.

1. Be resourceful


These business cards designed by creative agency STRUCK are 100% organic, environment conscious and feature one of the most original templates you’ll ever stumble upon. Shaped as an envelope that delivers a thoughtful, meaningful message about the company make them as good as gold.

Work great for: farms, florists, organic products businesses.

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