Britain’s Ugliest Dog Has Found Its Luck

Meet Britain’s ugliest dog, Ug. He has been adopted by April Parker and her two teenage daughters who found him in the animal shelter Mayflower where he had been ignored for a long time, probably because most people couldn’t see the beauty in him. Well, April had a different opinion, and now the pooch has a loving home and gracious owners. Ug is a two-year-old pointer cross with one blind eye and buck teeth, likely from inheritance.

She also renamed him Doug; I guess because it sounds better than Ug. Despite the dog’s looks, he is a warm and loving creature who needs attention and care, just like everybody else, whether they be a human, an animal, or a giant arachnid creature that you might find in the film Starship Troopers. Lucky for Doug, this woman understood that.

April also said that he has a great personality, and that he was worth every penny. It is nice to know there are still people who realize that true beauty is always found on the inside. Fortunately, today’s world gives attention to ugly dogs and now there’s a competition for the world’s ugliest dogs. I suggest you go and cast your vote. Entertainment abounds at these ugly dog festivals.


  1. I love this pooch, I hope that he brings you tons of pleasure and many happy moments. I am so glad that he has found a loving home to make up for all that time that he wasn’t wanted. This really is a heart wrenching story.

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