Bubble Eye Goldfish – The funniest fish in the aquarium

Unique is the right word for this fish. Also known as a Suihogan, the “bubble eye” goldfish has upward pointing eyes with two large fluid-filled sacs underneath them. The bubbles are extremely fragile and will pop if a sharp object punctures them; however, they’ll grow back again in the event of their undoing.

The bubbles tend to give the fish some trouble because they sometimes get so mammoth that the poor fish can’t see anything. They can also get so heavy that the fish ends up struggling when it tries to swim.

Hello there. Do I need an umbrella today or not.

Don't come near me. This really isn't the time.

This is how I dance. You got a problem with that?

I breathe in air every so often as you can see. I experimented with some drugs in college, yes. But I didn't inhale.

I'm having a Harrison Ford moment. "I didn't kill my wife!"

This fish opera sucks. And my seats are overpriced--have to stand up to see.

I might look hideous right now, but I assure you it's the lighting.

Is it possible that my eyes are getting more bubbly as I age.

Does anyone know what I did with my pipe?

Doing tedious chores like watering this garden is beneath me. Sigh.

If I've set this shot up correctly, it may one day make it into a fish museum.

I hereby declare my candidacy for this fish village's mayorship.

I hereby withdraw from the mayorship race, citing personal reasons. I am NOT withdrawing because I may have been involved in a scandal with a seahorse.

The doctor said if these get any bigger or change shape, I may have to go to a specialist. Hogwash, I say!

This club is a little too hipster, a little too posh for me. Get me out of here, please!

I'm swimming so close to the bottom of the ocean I can almost hear it breathe.

If you want one of these sea critters, you can find them in various colors, including red, orange, yellow, black, blue, chocolate, peach, turquoise, or  some combination of these. The bubble eye goldfish’s origin can be traced back to China. How do you think these fish would look on postcards? Rather well, I think. Or maybe on stamps. Yes, that would be baller. We need bubble eye goldfish on stamps straight away.


  1. Ugh, these fish were bred for beauty, not survival. I prefer goldfish the natural way they were created, not these man-made monstrosities! These goldfish are almost blind, can’t swim, and overall are put through serious pain when their bubbles pop. Why would anyone think such an unhealthy, deformed creature is cute?

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