Burglar arrested after leaving his Facebook account logged in at the crime scene

bugglaratfacebookHow dumb can you get? Really, really, really dumb. Jonathan Parker, a PA resident, decided to rob a house outside of Martinsburg in Berkeley County, WV. But that’s not the dumb part. Ready for this? He checked his Facebook account on the victim’s computer and left it logged in! The Martinsburg Journal (sort of my home newspaper, unfortunately) reports. He apparently stole two diamond rings, in addition to some equipment from the garage. Because of his awesomeness, the police were able to nab him relatively easily.

He is being held right now in the Eastern Regional Jail in Martinsburg on $10,000 bail and could actually get up to 10 years for this. But that’s just for the crime; what can we give him for being the dumbest person on earth? I guess this really shows just how important Facebook is in our lives today.

And since comment contests have been popular on WeLoveDC lately…let’s try one here. What do you think he set his status to when he logged into Facebook while robbing someones house? Add yours in the comments.


  1. I just linked to this on hipstr. I don't know what's a sadder statement, the fact that he left himself logged in or his wicked internet addiction.

  2. this is clearly fake…its obvious he just opened up the account for this. just look at that fb page!!! it has like the welcome to facebook message in the inbox

  3. cben you are a fool. they created that page to match this article. he didn’t actually set “robbing some house” as his status. but the story is true. i live in West virgina.

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