Bus with amazing and scary ad

dutchbusad You are on your way to work or maybe school, you drive along the road and suddenly you see a giant bus driving towards you. Don’t worry, it’s only an illusionary billboard sticker. Everyone would be frightened by this huge ad that an insurance company created to rise attention about their service.

scarybusad2 scarybusad It’s an long-used slogan of the ‘Centraal Beheer’ insurance company, located in the town of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. They also do ‘short film’ type of commercials. (The slogan translates in something like ‘Just call to Apeldoorn’.)


  1. This would never be legal in the US because it would be a distraction.

    Oh and common sense.

    What do people do when they see a bus coming toward them? They swerve.

  2. This would never be allowed in the US because you people are retarded.

    “What do people do when they see a bus coming toward them?”

    they don’t see a bus coming towards them, they see a bus going in reverse
    because the back of says bus has a sticker that looks like the front

  3. yeah yeah the reflections are all wrong and you have seen a fair amount of photoshopped pictures in your days 😛 2008 called they want their hype back 😉

    anyway cool ad, seen it a few times in Amsterdam

  4. Great ad, but I hope everyone realizes it is posted on the back of the bus- look at the tail lights, you see the bus going away from you.

  5. The only way that someone is going to think that bus is coming towards them is if they were already distracted to begin with, and manage to see the sticker without noticing the direction the bus is going in.
    Morally questionable to prey on the people’s fear of accidentally being killed? Probably, but I don’t really know what passes for funny in their culture. A real threat to other drivers? No more so than any other advertisement that attracts the attention of someone best served by paying attention to the road.

  6. what does “Just give Apeldoorn a call” have to with the image?? help Apeldoorn a bus is gonna hit me!!!!

  7. If this were in front of you it would obviously be moving WITH YOU on the roadway. You people who say that drivers would swerve are completely insane.

    And yes, correct—American companies would be afraid to run something like this for fear of some opportunistic person purposely claiming that they were somehow frightened by this ad, thus resulting in an expensive litigation that would probably see the vulturous plaintiff rewarded with millions of dollars.

  8. haha this makes me want to drive over to Apeldoorn *2 hours away* just to check out these buses

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