Can you see the animals in these photos? The true masters of disguise

sand-spiderSeveral animal species can easily be considered as true masters of disguise. They have the magnificent ability to melt in with their environment so they almost look invisible. Here you can see pictures of how animals camouflage in nature.

You can barely see the caterpillar on the green leaf, the light brown spider is not visible in the sand, and the green snake is safe on the top of a similar colored tree, and that’s only a few of all the animals that use both color, shape and behavior to melt into the environment as good as possible. If you can’t find the animal on some of the photos, comment below and tell us which one.

yellow-scorpio-fish white-reptile tree-insect stonefish-camu snake-in-sand reptile-tree owl-tree orchid octopus-blue lion-camuflage leaf-insect leaf-butterfly green-frog2 green-frog frog-tree frog-leaf cran-spider cheetah camu-fish-2 camu-fish While some animals camouflage to hide, these sheep get colored so they can be visible to everyone who is passing.


  1. I was waiting for some animal articles because i love them! These are amazing, and i found them all, great article as well, great colors, even the snake is beautiful lol.

  2. awesome, animals are really amazing..I have a great one I took myself, i would like to share with you.
    Please email me so i know wher to send it …thanks. Matt

  3. Right. Of course, you won’t say which three. But it’s pretty obvious – you can tell from the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in your time.

  4. Spider.
    I think, a caterpillar.
    Praying mantis.

  5. Sorry but I have to agree with the fake comment, atleast the snake in the sand one…Not that they don’t/can’t hide like that, but the photo used really doesn’t look real…

  6. Our species is full of morons, whereas other species are full of camouflage. its our job to ignore the morons, just like the animal kingdom misses the camouflaged ones ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. The snake would scare the dickens out of me in real life, I also don’t notice very many things so it would probably get me…….. O.o Anyways wonderful work and great job, ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. i’m not blaming anybody because i think all but one is awesome, but the lizard/gecko in the “reptile tree” has had some manipulation. largely because around the mouth it surely seems to have been blended around the mouth to give it a more camouflaged look, compared to the rest of the body which is fairly obvious. just look and you’ll see what i’m talking about. it almost looks as though he has an extra flap of skin around his mouth to plush himself with the tree. could be wrong but i don’t know of any that do that.
    though i take nothing from any of the rest.

  9. OMG
    there is no fake!!
    the snake is a sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes) they do cover like that
    and the gecko is a Leach’s Giant Gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus) they have these fringes around the mouth and the whole body.
    Not all that you cannot explain is a fake -.-

  10. i think there’s something weird about the last two pictures (the fish). if you look at the glowing dots on the fish you’ll see that they are on the same place in both pictures and the shape of the fish is identical, plus there’s a white fin above their head (also identical)…
    other than that, this was really entertaining :)) but i can’t find an animal in the 2nd picture (green/black)

  11. Stumbled on this!
    As a wildlife photogrpaher I can tell you that these are totally real. and yet still very unimpressive compared to an Octopus. Octopodia can camoflage itself onto anything by chaanging not only it’s skin colour but also texture. So for a Lizard to have extra skin flaps to help it blend (@george)is extremely likely also some of these shot MAY be edited but it terms of wildlife media thats not uncommon to show natural camo at it’s absolute best. maybe the background has been changed but the animal behaviour is “as shot”

  12. @vaml – check the fish again… the spots are NOT in the exact same places on both, and check the spiky fins on the top of the first picture appear to be bent or moving, etc, as compared to the bottom one where the fins are straighter. While it is “possible” that there might have been some editing, I think you cheat yourself out of the wonder and awe of nature if you choose to believe animals can’t do this. Just because you doubt something, doesn’t make it false.

  13. Frances
    i refer you to (
    you will notice that there is no fringe or skirt around the mouth. that was one of the best pics i could locate for Rhacodactylus leachianus, and none that i found showed such, except the one above.
    i don’t argue the absolutely fantastic and extremely numerous mechanism’s of this planets creatures to blend with their environment, i just argue the pic in this article.

  14. Wow, I mean it looks cool and the artist did a great job on producing these shots, but these are all completely a joke and fake.

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