5 Delicious Candy Like Places From Around the World

Loving to travel as much as we do has at least one major benefit (besides seeing some of the most spectacular places that this planet has to show us) and that is that we have the opportunity to present them to you also. Of course, it’s not like we are the ones who discovered them or write about them for the first time (although that would be great!), but given the chance to hear about some places or see them captured in artistic photographs, we jump to the occasion of showing off with our discoveries, enticing you to try at least go there and see them with your own eyes. Some are very popular, others are a bit more secluded, but we always enjoy writing about strange places where nature seems to have created art instead of geographical landscapes and relief forms. And today we will lead you in a world tour to see five delicious candy like places from around the world and challenge you to not mistake them for delicious sweets, treats and oversize cakes.

5. The Black Forest, Germany

black forrest

This is one of those cakes that is both fascinating, a bit scary and a bit fantastic. Germany takes pride in many touristic objectives and even some spectacular landscapes, but this dark forest is that kind of place where you would expect Maleficent to live, as it is truly the best place to feel gritty fantasy creeping up your spine, reminding you of Hansel and Gretel stories, while the sparkling colored flowers make a perfect contrast with the dark paths and atmosphere of the forest, just enough for you to feel trapped in a Disney fairytale.

4. Glass Beach, State Park, California, USA

glass beach

This place is amazing not only because it looks like a beach where a benevolent fairy godmother, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus joined forces and dropped colored, sparkling and amazingly colored candies all over the place, but because this is a former waste dump. The authorities took some much needed measures and managed to turn a garbage dump into one of the most spectacular candy like places from around the world. The “candies” are actually pieces of colored glass rounded and polished by the waters.

3. Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

Cinque Terre

This place is a true jewel for Italian tourism, and Italy doesn’t lack places to see, mountains to climb, lakes to take your breath away and cities so beautiful, you might want consider relocating there for good. But this coast is different: the Five Lands are in fact 5 villages, each with its own customs, traditions and dialects, while the buildings and the setting represent the perfect stage for nature and environment to display the most amazing color combinations.

2. The Rainbow Mountains, China

rainbow mountains

This amazing place is well known among travelers and it belongs to UNESCO heritage because it is indeed unique and a must see once in a life time. This giant cake has also a location – they are the mountains belonging to Zhangye Danxia National Park and the colors you see represent millions of years of layers depositing, consisting mainly of minerals and sand stone. The rocks create a fantastical landscapes that people reproduce in Hollywood with CGI technology – if we were to make a comparison – and yet, here they are, as natural as they can be, looking like something you’d like to dig your teeth in if they were a confectioner’s gourmet cake.

1. Lake Hillier – Australia

lake hillier

Seeing this lake is like looking at the world’s largest pool of strawberry milkshake ever known to man, a natural record only west Australia could manage. But the lake’s color is not the only thing amazing about it, but the fact that the water remains deliciously pink even if removed from the lake in samples, a fact which led scientists to blame some bacterias for the appetizing aspect of this lake. Definitely one of the most sweetly delicious candy like places from around the world!

Don’t think that this is all there is. Oh no, nature is a modern, sometimes abstract, always tasteful painter who played with all imaginable and unimaginable colors possible when it created some lakes, valleys, forests, fields and beaches. So we challenge you to go see these candy like places from around the world and tell us about others you know about!

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